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Nowadays, many educational tools provide the knowledge generally by offering the questions and the answers. The tools indeed help lots of students to get more knowledge widely. They are able to look for the material in the tool that they are studied in their school or college. So, what the tool that has helped the students of studying?

To answer the questions, there is a fun tool which is so popular among the students and common. The tool is named Trivia that offers the general questions and the answers too. Most of people call the tool with the Random Trivia Generator in which you can get the questions you need randomly. It really helps you to fill your brain with the useful information.

In the tool of Trivia, there are six general categories that offer tons of questions in each category. They are Science, History, Geography, Entertainment, Arts and General. In each category, you are able to get the questions and answers as you need. Besides, you can visit to achieve more knowledge. After you are on the page of Trivia site, you can choose the category that you want to look for. Then, you see tons of questions provided in the list of categories. Each question definitely contains the answers as well as the category of contents.

Unfortunately, based on the name of the site, you just search the question you need randomly. So, you have to scroll the questions down until you get the question and answer you need. If you have got the question and the answer you need, you can click the question or answer using the mouse. This is because the Trivia has been completed by a small feature which helps you to use this generator. So, it will automatically choose the appropriate text. This can be called as a convenient copy tool that you are able to use anytime.

If you are curious what the questions and answers are provided in Trivia, well, we are going to show you some of them in each category.


Q: The flower convallaria is also called a what?

Q: Cows Come In Herds, What Do Geese Come In?

Q: The lack of this element in the diet is a cause of goiter?


Q: Which toy, with a name meaning ‘play well” was launched by Danish toymakers Ole and Godtfred Kristiansen in 1958?

Q: Who was Canada’s first Prime Minister?

Q: What Is The Star Sign Of A Person Born On Christmas Day?


Q: What does the Statue of Liberty wear on her feet?

Q: The Gerald Ford Museum (not library) can be found in which Michigan City?

Q: Which state has the most hospitals?


Q: Which character do the events of the narrative’s plot revolve around and with whom the audience identifies itself with?

Q: What is the highest female voice in a choir?

Q: For whom did Robert May write the story of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer?


Q: Who starred in 9 films with Katharine Hepburn?

Q: What rodent was banned from the Soviet Union by Stalin?

Q: What is the name of the astronaut toy in the movie toy story?


Q: When did Levi Strauss produce the first jeans?

Q: What food is served for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve?

Q: Which nurse was nicknamed “The Lady With The Lamp”?

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