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You are a teenager learner who wants to get higher ranking in grade, aren’t you? Are you looking for the educational tools which can give you a wide practice test now? If so, don’t leave this page, just scrolling this page down to get a bundle of information as you are searching for.

In the world of education, certainly there are dozens of important elements in which it must-have for every learner. The element itself is such an internal and external factor. For internal factor, it talks about the motivation to learn that the learners have. Besides, the external factor talks about something from outside which is no less important with the internal factor. The external factors are such some educational tools, practice tests, do some courses, study in team, learning for something new and many more. Then, in this chance, we will focus on one of the educational tool which is a little popular among the learners over the world.

The tool is Trivia that is in the form of educational site. Indeed, you can access this site every time as you want. The Trivia can be accessed at In this site, you are able to look for the questions and answers for about six subject randomly. The subject is divided into six main categories, they are science, history, arts, geography, entertainment and general. In this general subject, you can get anything questions that are not taught in the school. So, if you want to increase your knowledge, definitely you can visit the Trivia to get more.

Trivia is a gorgeous educational tool for teenagers who want to get more knowledge. It is because, Trivia provides tons of questions and the answers too which help the teens to increase the knowledge which is not taught in the school. For teens, Trivia divides the knowledge into seven categories which we will share for Q & A in each category in the text below!


Q: Which 20th Century conflict led the US soldiers to die for a tie? The Korean War

Q: What is the name of King Henry VIII’s wife? Catherine of Aragon


Q: What is the height of a basketball hoop in feet? 10 feet

Q: Who ran the world’s first marathon? Pheidippides or Philippides


Q: Which Shakespearean character played the Prince of Tyre? Pericles

Q: Who is the author Flashman series of novels? George MacDonald Fraser


Q: Who was the first character to speak in Star Wars? C-3PO

Q: In the movie What A Girl Wants, what is the job of Daphne’s father? He is a Royal.


Q: What are the largest flowers of the genus Helianthus known as? Sunflower

Q: Name the cereal which grows only in water? Rice


Q: Who is called the King of Pop? Michael Jackson

Q: Why is 6th February a national holiday in Jamaica? It is Bob Marley’s birthday


Q:  Which is the largest landlocked country in the world? Kazakhstan

Q:  In which country is Machu Picchu, an ancient city, located? The Republic of Peru

Unfortunately, we just give you some of the questions and answer for each subject. If you want to get more, you do not hesitate to visit Do not forget to search for the questions carefully and tenacious by checklist the subjects before in the filter provided on the main page of Trivia. It is because the Trivia provides tons of questions and answers randomly.

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