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Are you a new student at Grand Canyon University (GCU)? We think that you need to learn about GCU Student Portal. Here, we will discuss about GCU student portal login and some information related the GCU Student Portal.

You can access GCU Student Portal by visiting www.gcu.edu student portal. After you arrive at the homepage of GCU Student Portal, you have to create your account first. To create a new account of GCU Student Portal, we think it is very easy and does not need a long time. On login information page, you can see a link written ‘Create a New Account’, so now the first thing that you have to do in creating a new account is click at ‘Create a New Account’.

By clicking www.gcu.edu, it will take you to the place where you can create your account of GCU Student Portal. The process of creating account needs some information from you. There you have to enter some information identify you and you have to enter your information correctly. The first step in creating account of GCU Student Portal account, you have to enter your Social Security and then you have to enter Student ID. After that, please enter your first and last name. The next step, you can click ‘Next’ to continue the process of creating account. Now, you have to follow all instruction given for you so that you can complete it.

After you created your GCU Student Portal, now you can login to GCU Student Portal. To login to your GCU Student Portal account, you have to go to the page of login information. There are two options; student portal and parent portal. If you are a student of Grand Canyon University (GCU), so you have to select student portal. Then, you will bring to the page where you can start access your account on GCU Student Portal. To login the GCU Student Portal, you have to enter your username and your password. You have to make sure that you enter your username and password correctly. If you feel that you have entered your username and password correctly so you can continue the process of logging GCU Student Portal by clicking Login Button. Finally, now you can access your Grand Canyon University (GCU) Student Portal account.

Grand Canyon University provides Grand Canyon University student portal to make all student easier in learning and getting information they need. By accessing GCU Student Portal, the students can do many things such as check their schedule, view their scores, check their grades and view other information related Grand Canyon University. So, as a student of GCU, it is important to learn more about GCU Student Portal. In addition, there is Help Desk phone number that you can call if you need a help in creating or logging to GCU Student Portal account. Its number phone is 1-877-428-8447. Or you can also call want the Help Desk phone number when you want to ask anything regarding GCU Student Portal.

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