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Antonio Gauid is probably the most original architect of all time. His great intricate, weeping forms caused the stir at the turn of the 20th century. This Gaudi World Heritage quiz covers the whole career, including his most famous work named the Sagrada Familia.

1. The first built desig of Gaudi (1883-8) was the summary houser for Manuel Vicens. What was included in the design as the ads for the business?

a. Big numbers of tiles
b. The wooden tower
c. The fish pond
d. Sculptures of cotton mill workers

2. The Palau Guell (1886-9) was the first work of Gaudi for his major patron named Eusebi Guell. Which region, dear to them both, does the building has numerous references to?

a. Basque Country
b. Portugal
c. Catalonia
d. Andalucia

3. At the place named College of Santa Teresa de Jesus (1888-9), Gaudi took over the existing project and built the upper floors of the slightly more sober building. Who was the building designed for?

a. Art school
b. University
c. Mayor of Barcelona
d. Religious order

4. Gaudi was heavily influenced by Gothic architecture when constructing the crypt of what was intended to be the church at the Guell Colony. Which usual feature of Gothic churches did he attach good importance to avoiding?

a. Applied decoration
b. Fan vaulting
c. Flying buttresses
d. Arched windows

5. By the time Gaudi designed the thing called Bellesguard (1906-9), the man had spend the great deal of time studying mediaeval architecture, and partly restoring Palma Cathedral. What was the main source for the dwelling?

a. Castle keep
b. Gatehouse
c. Hunting lodge
d. Gothic cathedral

6. The grandest project of Gaudi was for Guell Park. Was that originally intended that anyone should live in the park?

a. Yes
b. No

7. A famed feature of Guell Park is the benches Gaudi designed. What form do they take?

a. Serpentine
b. Circular

c. Parallel lines
d. Cruciform

8. At the Cata Batllo, Gaudi remodeled the first floor flat and the whole facade of the building. Which new material did he use to great the effect on the front?

a. Broken glass
b. Broken tiles
c. Textured glass
d. Textured tiles

9. The Cata Mila (1906-10) is well known in Barcelona s La Pedrera, on the account of the appearance. What is the meaning of La Pedrera in English?

a. The Chimney
b. The Painting
c. The Wall
d. The Quarry

10. With the rising religious fervor, Gaudi spend the last forty three years of the life working on the famous basilica in Barcelona named the Sagrada Familia. Which is the transept shown in the most photographs of the building?

a. North
b. South
c. East
d. West

Do you think you can answer every question correctly? If your score is still low, it is better for you to take another Gaudi World Heritage quiz. Aside from that, you are encouraged to read the details about the Gaudi World Heritage.

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