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Playing games on Roblox is fun and exciting. The items on it make the game more exciting. For those who love to play games on Roblox, you must know that you can not only play the games but also create your dream game. However, the story can be different as being developer who creates the game is not easy, some goes for having the items on the catalog. You have to own a lot of amount of Robux if you want to purchase the item like gear on catalog. It is fine when you only want just one or two gears. What is you want more than two? In this case, having a lot of Robux is the answer. Is there any free Roblox gear? Fortunately, the answer to the question is yes? Please read the entire article well to find out the answer.

For those who are looking for free Roblox gear 2018, there are several ways you can choose. The first one is through Roblox. To do this way, you have to visit the official website of Roblox first. Then, log into this site. The next thing you have to do is to click your gear. The next step is to go to the catalog with your gear list still open. Just click on whatever gear you want and say no if you are asked if you want to pay. Afterward, go to the menu and look at the gear list again and press these keys: RRRR TT T Y3}. When it is done, just close the gear and click on the thing that you want to buy. Do not worry as you are not going to spend a penny. In the end, you will get the item you want for free.

Free Gear on Roblox
The second way is to look for Roblox free gear cheat. Before looking for one, you have to know that there are some types of gear in Roblox. Some of them are musical, laser, transport, and so on. apparently, there are over 1.2 thousands of gears available in Roblox. All of them can be used by the player for the benefit in the game.

Looking for gear cheats means looking for the gear codes. For those who are looking for one, here are some of favorites Roblox free gear codes for you:

  1. Boxster 2XH – 15806914
  2. Dark Pegasus – 19126180
  3. Flying Vacuum – 31354708
  4. Gravity Disruptor – 10111060
  5. Personal Rocketship – 29808528
  6. Cowbell – 20373160
  7. Drum Kit – 33866728
  8. Guitarmy – 47871615
  9. Alien Parasite – 76170515
  10. Anchor Canon – 15566208
  11. Attack Ocelot – 43998881
  12. BB Gun – 42845609
  13. Breath of Fire – 16814051
  14. Chimera – 87361508
  15. Explosive Spy Pen – 95258660

Another method you can choose is to visit Survey Monkey. This site provides a lot of free gear on Roblox. All you have to do is to complete the survey. Basically, you just have to give the feedback on the program of the site. When you are done, you have to fill out the username, the password, and the gear you want to get the free gear.

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