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If you are planning on or presently attending Florida Virtual School (FLVS), you think that you have to learn about the School including the FLVS Student Portal. Well, here in this article you will find the information about the FLVS Student Portal and the official student login page of Florida Virtual School (FLVS).

You have to know that in Florida Virtual School (FLVS), there are four programs. Those are FLVS Flex, FLVS full time, homeschoolers and FLVS Global School. Before you decide to be a part of Florida Virtual School (FLVS), you may have one program that you want. For example, you choose a program FLVS full time which designed for diploma students. For further information regarding the explanation about FLVS Flex, FLVS full time, homeschoolers and FLVS Global School, we suggest you to go to the official website of Florida Virtual School (FLVS) and find that information. There you can get information more detail about those programs offered by the Florida Virtual School (FLVS).

Before you can login into FLVS Student Portal, you have to create a new account first. To create a new account as a FLVS Full time student, so you are able to click on sign up button once you are at the homepage of Florida Virtual School (FLVS). After you click sign up button, there you will see some options, those are sign up for FLVS flex, sign up for FLVs full time, sign up for County Virtual School and sign up for Global School. Because you choose a FLVS full time program, so you have to select and click on FLVS full time.

By clicking that link, it will bring you to the page where you can create a new account. The first step to create FLVS full time account, you have to enter your email and then enter your first name and your last name. Afterwards, you have to enter your address and you must also enter your address two. The next step, you can enter your city, state, and your ZIP. After that, please enter your phone number. Then, you can enter your grade levels of interest. There are some grade levels such as K level, 1st level, 2nd level, 3rd level, 4th level, 5th level, 6th level, 7th level, 8th level, 9th level, 10th level, 11th level, and 12th level. After you enter all information, then the last step that you have to do is click on Subscribe to list button.

Now, you can login into FLVS student portal by clicking on Login button once you are at the homepage of FLVS site. Then, select and click FLVS full time. After that, you are able to enter your username and password on the column provided by FLVS student portal. Please make sure that you enter the right username and password in order to make your login successfully. The last, you just need to click on log in button. Now, time for you to explore your FLVS Student Portal.

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