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Knowing information about Student Login of a University is important for the student of related university. It includes the student of Edgenuity because in Edgenuity, you will also use your account for your academic business and you need to know how to login to your account at Edgenuity.

So, what do we have to do to be able to login to our Edgenuity account? Well, the first thing that you have to do is of course visiting the official website of Edgenuity at www.edgenuity.com. Then, find a yellow Log In button in the top of the screen and you will be brought to a page of login. In that login page, you will be able to see a lot of options in different color buttons such as Student Login, Educator Login, Family Login, SIS Login, Pathblazer Login, Hybridge Login, Odyssey Login, and CLHS Login. If you are a student of Edgenity, so the button that you have to click is Student Login button which is in blue button.
Now, you are in the Student Login page. In that page, there are two fields including Username and Password fields. You have to fill in those fields and then do not forget to hit Log In button which is  in green color. So, now you are in your account. Sometimes, people can forget their own password and either do you. If it happens to you, do not be panic because the team of Edgenuity will help you. The thing that you are able to do is to click “Forgot your password?” link which is available under the login fields. Then, there will appear a username field and you have to enter it with your username.

If you have entered your username but it is failed and you see a pop up message which says that “Trouble logging in?”, it means that they could not find an email address for the username that you have entered. What do we have to do? You have to check again your username. Make sure that you enter the correct username. If your username is right but you are still failed to login, you are able to ask the Edgenuity administrator at your school or district for getting a help. The third attempt that you are able to do is, you can try to clean your browser cache and then you can try to login again.

The way of login in Edgenuity is very easy. The portal is designed simply to make users easy in accessing their account. However, if you find any difficulties when you try to login in Edgenuity, you are able to click on Contact Us that you are able to find in the upper right corner of the site. There are phone number that you can contact for support at 877.202.0338 and also email address at CustomerSupport@edgenuity.com. Besides, there are also available the office address of Edgenuity. So, if you have something to ask or you want to get a help, you are able to use those contacts.

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