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Dallas Baptist University which is also more known as DBU is the Christian arts university. This one is located in Dallas, Texas, the United States. The main campus of DBU is approximately 12 miles (about 19 km) southwest of downtown Dallas near Mountain Creek Lake.

Just like most of colleges, Dallas Baptist University has the high-class technology system to support every student of the college. Some of the modern technology systems are Help Desk, WebAdvisor, Blackboard, Student Email, Technology Center, Tutorials & Self Help, Pay to Print, Emergency Alerts, and more. In this article, you are going to get to know more about Webadvisor DBU.

The first information is about creating the username and the password in DBU WebAdvisor. For those the new users who do not have the username and pasword yet, please open the official website of Dallas Baptist University and then choose “WebAdvisor”. This one is located under the Log In section on the left side of the screen. Then, you have to click on the link for students.

For those who have the Security Code (you can find one in your DBU picture ID card), activate or reset the WebAdvisor, email, and blackboard account, you can follow these following steps to create the username and password in DBU WebAdvisor. First. enter your last name. Second, enter your DBU ID Security Code. Third, enter your DBU ID #. Fourth, click once on the Submit button. Fifth, select your date of birth from the dropdown list of dates. Sixth. Click once on the Submit button. Seventh, use the dropdown arrow on the next screen to pick the home address. Eighth, click once on the Submit button. Ninth, use the dropdown menu to choose your major. Tenth, click on the Submit button one time. Eleventh, use the dropdown box to enter the zip code. Twelfth, click on the Submit button. Thirteenth, confirm the ID questions by clicking the Submit button. Fourteenth, fill out the information in all fields to reset the password. Fifteenth, enter the new password. For your information, the new one must be 6 to 9 digits in length and include at least two numbers both alpha and numeric characters. Sixteenth, confirm the Access Policy by choosing the box and then clicking on the Submit button. Seventeenth, now you have set up the password.

If you do not own the Security Code, please use these instructions. The first thing you have to do is to log into DBU WebAdvisor. Then, click on Security Code. Apparently, this one is on the Security Menu. After that, DBU WebAdvisor will display the Security Code and the Student ID Number.

If you face any difficulties while setting up he account or logging into DBU WebAdvisor, please contact the Help Desk of DBU WebAdvisor at 214 333 5500. For those the members of online faculty and have any questions to ask, please call the online programs office at 214 333 6893 or send an email to online@dbu.edu. Do not hesitate to ask.

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