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Cuyamaca College Webadvisor is known as the software owned by Cuyamaca College. This software is used for class registration and final grades. Every student of Cuyamaca College will be able to log into Cuyamaca WebAdvisor after the application to Cuyamaca College is processed. Usually, the application will be processed within 24 business hours after you submit the application.

To get into Cuyamaca WebAdvisor, you need to log in. Logging into Cuyamaca WebAdvisor requires two things which are the username and the password. For those who do not know, the username is your first name and your last name. As for the initial password, it is the six digit date of birth (MMDDYY). For those who have the common name or the very long name, please click the link that written “What’s my Username?”. There, you have to find your username if the first name and last name does not work. All you have to do is to type in the last name and either the Social Security Number or the Colleague ID number which is also more known as Student ID number. After you are done, please click on the Submit button. You can watch the tutorial video that you can find in the official website of Cuyamaca College to make it easier.

If you are face some difficulties logging into Cuyamaca WebAdvisor, then you may have to verify the GCCCD Username. This kind of username is created when you register for classes. After verifying the usename, then you can retrieve the usename ID in Webadvisor Cuyamaca College. To do it, first, type in the browser address bar. This step will take you to the welcome page of Cuyamaca WebAdvisor. Finally, click on the link of Account Information.

These following paragraphs will talk about some things related to Cuyamaca WebAdvisor. The first one is about requesting the User ID. To request one, first, fill in the Last Name field. Second, enter the Social Security Number or the Colleague ID number. third, click the Submit button. After that, the page will appear that shows the GCCCD ID.

The second one is for those who forgot the password of Cuyamaca WebAdvisor. There are some steps that you should do. First, click on Students on Cuyamaca WebAdvisor. Second, click on “What’s my Password” which is located under “User Account”. Third, choose “I don’t remember, reset my password”. You can also use the option “I might remember, show my password hint”. Fourth, fill the last name and the social security number of the Colleague ID number. Fifth, choose the password and hit he Submit button to get the email with the temporary password. That’s all the steps that you should follow.

If you still face any difficulties while logging into Cuyamaca WebAdvisor, please contact the Admissions office at 619 660 4275. It is better for you to call at the workday and work time to get the fast answer. Do not be hesitated to call them as they will help you gladly.

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