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If you are a student of Charles Sturt University (CSU), you think that you have to learn about the CSU Student Portal. It is very important for you to learn it because the CSU Student Portal is an online access designed for all Students of Charles Sturt University (CSU) in making the students easier to get information they need.

For your information, CSU Student Portal not only can use by the students of CSU but also can use by the staff and community of CSU. Now, let us discuss about the CSU Student Portal here.

In getting access the CSU Student Portal, you need to activate your account first. Now, to do it, you can go to the CSU Student Portal page. Then, there you will see the link written ‘Activate my account’. Please click on ‘Activate my account’ link to make you go to the page where you can activate your account. When you arrive at the page of activate my login, there you need to enter some information which explain who you are.

The first step, you need to enter your first name as well your last name. The second step, please enter your date of birth. After you enter all of your information, the next step you have to do is click on continue button. This act will take you to the page where you are able to continue the process of activate your account. After that, you must follow all the instructions to complete your new account of CSU Student Portal.

Now, you have an account of CSU Student Portal, so you can access the CSU Student Portal by logging with your Student Portal account. To login, simply you can go to the CSU Student Portal page. When you are at CSU Student Portal, you will see two columns; those are username column and password column. To login to CSU Student Portal, you just need to enter your username as well your password. Check your username and password whether you enter those information correctly or not. Afterwards, you can click on Login now button. By clicking login now button, it is going to open your CSU Student Portal account.

For you who are a new student of Charles Sturt University (CSU), maybe you still be confused with the CSU Student Portal. To get more information related the CSU Student Portal, you are able to visit the CSU Student Portal page. On that page, you are able to see the link written login help.

Please click on that link and you are going to see some information regarding the CSU Student Portal. On the page of login help, you can see the explanation about Student Username, Staff Username, Trouble logging in, the way how to change password, and the contacts which you are able to use if you want to get more assistance. If you forget your password, you can click on the link written ‘forgot your password’. Click on that link, and follow all instructions given for you to reset your password.

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