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CSAA Insurance AAA Com My Policy is a term used to call the self service web site for AAA insurance policy holders. This one can be accessed through the website of the company. My Policy is so good as it makes it easy to manage from the auto and property insurance online. You can also access this kind of thing from AAA.com. Apparently, you are able to do some things such as making the secure one time payments, setting up the automatic payments for policy renewals, printing the proof of the insurance ID cards, viewing the details of the policy, including discounts, view insurance and billing documents, view information about auto glass claims you have made under your policy and submit the photographs and materials related to the auto glass claim.

If you are one of the club members of AAA, you are able to access My Policy via the website of the club. You can do it by registering on the website of AA club and then creating the account on My Policy. If you want to register for the services on My Policy, you will be allowed to electronically view your policy related documents and or billing notices and documents. To access those services mentioned before, as part of the registration process, you will need to link your policy to your account of My Policy.

For those who want to create the My Policy account, there are two things that you will need to have. Those are the license number of the driver and the policy number. As for the steps to create the accounts, there are only three steps that you should follow. The first one is filling out three columns which consist of the address of the email, the confirm email, and the password. Using the email address and password when accessing My Policy means that you agree for maintaining the email address and password. Keep in mind to not share the password or transfer the password to any third party. It is better for you to choose the strong password, including numbers capital letters, special characters, and so on. Please complete them well and click “Go to Step 2” button when you are done. The rest instructions should be easy if you understand the words well. If you have the existing AAA online account, you just need to create the account of My Policy to log in and view your insurance policy.

Remember that creating the account on My Policy means that you are agree to be bound by the Terms. If you do not agree with those things, then you should not make one. in this case, CSAA Insurance has the right to change or discontinue the online services and features available through My Policy at any time without having to give the notice. You have to know that you will not be able to access My Policy if you cancel the insurance policy before registering on My Policy.

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