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We get information that Bing became the powerful new tool for the Developers. Apparently, Bing has launched a new intelligent search feature that provides the exact piece of code which searched by a developer. That code snippet is going to appear right on the search results page itself. It means that the users do not need to read through long threads and articles for finding the one thing which they are looking for.

For your information, Bing calls this great new feature as a “Code Sample Answer” and says it is designed to help save the time of developers. When you are at this page, you may looking for some information about these coding tools on Bing. If so, you do not hesitate to keep reading this entire article. We hope you are able to find information you need from this article.

You have to know that code sample answer is live on Bing as of today, and you are able to see it in action with a query like “convert case using a function in R”. If you want to edit the code, the results are going to be presented in an interactive code editor that you are able to run directly in Bing as well to see how it’s going to work. You have to remember that it has the potential to improve the developer productivity as you are able to troubleshoot the code in the code editor without you are having to troubleshoot by trial and error. The code editor will support C, C#, , C++, PHP, Java and Python.

To deliver a Code Sample Answer, so Bing use the language agnostic code and a combination of natural language processing technology. A Code Sample Answer is going to trigger only once Bing intelligently detects the coding intent with high confidence. The functionality of Code Sample Answer is not limited to programming languages because it also covers other tools used by the developers. For example, a Code Sample Answer is able to be triggered once you are searching for git commands and their syntax. Bing says it is going to enhance the coverage of Code Sample Answer as it get more signals from web searches and feedback from the developers.


When the developer issue a complex query such as “send html email with attachment in outlook using java” that containing multiple coding related terms: “html”, “java”, “outlook”, it need a bit of work to tease apart the actual intent of the user correctly. In this case, the intent is for sending HTML formatted email with an attachment via Outlook by using Java programming language. You have to remember that getting query intent right is very important to can extract the most relevant code sample later in the process from a range of options available.

The natural language processing pipeline of Bing resolve this by converting the query to equivalent ‘coding query key-phrase’. The engine of language agnostic code understanding then make sure the results correctly which reflect the intent based on holistic query understanding.

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