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How much is Christina Applegate worth? You may want to know information about the net worth of Christina Applegate so you are at this page to find out that information. Do not worry, from this page, you will be able to get information you need.

Christina Applegate’s Net Worth

Christina Applegate is an actress and dancer from America. Based on the research, Christina Applegate has a net worth of $25 million. Although Christina Applegate started her career as a child actress during the 1980s, later she became one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood with a number of popular film roles. During her career, Christina Applegate has won lots of awards, including a Primetime Emmy Award and nominations for the Golden Globes and Tony Awards.

Apparently, Christina Applegate has made a name for herself with roles in the shows like “Friends,” “Samantha Who?,” “Jesse,” “Up All Night,” and many others. Aside from that, lots of fans know her from films like “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy,” “Bad Moms” and “Vacation.” Also, Christina Applegate is an excellent stage actress. A number of publications called her one of the most beautiful people in this world.

Christina Applegate Net Worth

Christina Applegate’s Salary and Real Estate

Although Christina Applegate’s Applegate’s per-episode salary for “Up All Night” fluctuated over time, then she was at one point obtaining a peak amount of $125,000. For her real estate, in the year of 1995, Christina Applegate paid $950,000 for a home in the Hollywood Hills. Now, this home is worth $5-7 million based on comparable sales in the neighborhood.

Christina Applegate’s Career

Talking about the net worth of Christina Applegate, now, we are going to talk about her career. We get information that Christina Applegate began her career in television before she had turned one year, appearing in the year of 1972 in an episode of “Days of Our Lives” alongside her beloved mother. Apparently, Christina Applegate kept away from acting until she was ten years old, when she created her film debut in the horror film: Jaws of Satan. In the year of 1981, another film role came with Beatlemania. When Christina Applegate was 12 years old, she appeared in the biopic film: Grace Kelly, and then followed up two years later with a role in a series entitled Washingtoon.

Throughout this period, Christina Applegate also booked guest roles in some series like:

  • “Father Murphy”
  • “Charles in Charge”
  • “Silver Spoons”
  • “Heart of the City”
  • “All Is Forgiven”
  • “Still the Beaver”
  • “Amazing Stories”
  • “Family Ties”

In the year of 1987, her real breakthrough came, when she booked the role of Kelly, a flirtatious teen in the sitcom “Married… with Children.” Christina Applegate kept this role until 1997. During this period, she appeared in some movies like:

  • “Streets”
  • “Dance ’til Dawn”
  • “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead”
  • “Vibrations”
  • “Wild Bill”
  • “Across the Moon”
  • “Mars Attacks”

Also, Christina Applegate discovered the time to appear on other shows such as:

  • “21 Jump Street”
  • “Saturday Night Live”
  • “MADtv”

After the sitcom “Married… with Children” came to an end, the breakthrough of Christina Applegate continued. She booked a role in the film “Nowhere” (1997) and then followed up with the roles in some films like:

  • “Claudine’s Return”
  • “The Big Hit”
  • “Jane Austen’s Mafia”

After Christina Applegate became a member of The Pussycat Dolls, she started playing the role in the sitcom “Jesse.” Christina Applegate had almost missed out on playing the lead female role with Leonardo DiCaprio in “Titanic.” Finally, the sitcom “Jesse” got excellent reviews. And Christina Applegate won a People’s Choice Award and a TV Guide Award.

Once the sitcom “Jesse” was canceled, Christina Applegate transitioned back to film. She played a dual role for the first time in the film “Just Visiting,” before she joined the cast of “Prince Charming” and “The Sweetest Thing.” In the year of 2003, Christina Applegate showed her skills with a variety of the roles, appearing in some films like

  • “View from the Top,” (the romantic comedy)
  • “Wonderland” (the crime flick)
  • “Grand Theft Parsons” (the Gram Parsons biopic)

In the year of 2004, Christina Applegate appeared in films such as:

  • “Surviving Christmas”
  • “Employee of the Month”

During this period, Christina Applegate created two important appearances in the famous sitcom “Friends,” first in the year of 2002 and then again in the year of 2003. Christina Applegate’s performance in the first episode won her a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in the Comedy Series. Her next move was equally important. She played as an anchorwoman Veronica Corningstone in the comedy film “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”. We get information that the movie grossed over $90 million at the box office and got solid reviews.

Christina Applegate spent the next some years focusing on the stage work with several productions. In the year of 2004, Christina Applegate created her Broadway debut in the musical film: Sweet Charity that ran until 2005. Sadly, Christina Applegate got a foot injury during her performance. From 2007 until 2009, Christina Applegate appeared in the comedy series “Samantha Who?” She got plenty of praise from critics, and also she was honored with a number of nominations for the Emmy Awards and Golden Globes.

In the year of 2010, Christina Applegate became a voice actress in the film “Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore,” followed up with some additional roles in the movie: Alvin and the Chipmunks. Next, Christina Applegate starred in “Up All Night,” a series which was finally canceled after a hiatus in 2013. In that year, Christina Applegate reprised her earlier role in the film “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.” One year later, she returned to voice acting with “The Book of Life.”

In the year of 2015, Christina Applegate booked a role in the comedy film: Vacation, that performed well at the box office even though getting poor reviews. In the year of 2018, Christina Applegate joined the cast of the Netflix: Dead to Me, where she served as an executive producer. Once again, Christina Applegate was nominated for several awards as a result of her performance.

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