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Charter College Student Portal is the student portal owned by Charter College. This one allows every student of Charter College to register for Charter College classes and view the information regarding someone’s own academic, financial, and personal profile.

How to access Charter College Student Portal? First of all, you have to own an account of Charter College Student Portal. If you have one, you can skip this paragraph and if you do not have one, here are all the instructions that you have to follow. The first thing that you have to do is to go to Charter College. Then, click on “Student Portal Homepage”. The next thing that should be done is to click on “Create a New Account”. After that, complete the required fields. You just have to select the Social Security # option and enter your Social Security Number or SSN, the first name, the last name, and the place of birth and click “Next”.

In the next stage, you have to create your portal password. it is better for you to choose something easy to remember but hard to guess. When it is done, please immediately check your student email for the verification link and click the link to verify your account. In the end, you have to browse back to the URL in Step 1, login, and that is end. If there is any issue with this process, please contact the thing called the Portal Hotline at 1 888 214 1351 and the Technology Staff will be happy to assist you.

Once you created an account of Charter College Student Portal, then it is time for you to log in to the portal. Logging in to this student portal is easy, simple, and will just take some clicks. There are two things that you have to enter which are the username and the password. Please enter the same username and the same password when you created an account of Charter College Student Portal. The password one is case sensitive. If you are not sure about it, you are able to re-type the password before clicking the blue Login button. If it is needed, you are also able to count every digit of the password of your account. If you forgot either your username or your password, your only option is to contact the Portal Hotline at 1 888 214 1351 as you will not be able to find something like “Forgot Password/Username?” link.

Charter College is known as the private and independent institution of higher education that emphasizes the new direction for education. This college is not considered as the liberal art college or university. Instead, it takes the best elements from every of those respected educational institutions to create the unique and innovative experience that is suitable with the needs of the students.

Charter College Student Portal is one of the services offered by Charter College as the effort to give the best service to every student of Charter College. This one gives a lot of advantages so make sure to use this one.

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