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CDL becomes an important thing for drivers in which they can run the vehicles safe and secure. Indeed, CDL means Commercial Driver’s License which driver must have. Without CDL, a driver cannot get permission to drive some vehicles. For that reason, CDL must be had by every driver.

As we know to get CDL, we should pass some tests in which it becomes one of requirements. However, it can be a way for everyone to get license. So, if you are a driver who wants to get license, definitely you have to do the test as well. Because of many drivers are failed when passing the tests, it makes many drivers looking for some practice tests before passing the tests to get CDL.

General Information of CDL Study Guide

Here are some study guides that you are able to read and memorize based on the information that we  get from some sources:

The Inspection of Vehicles

In inspection of vehicles, there are about seven steps that you have to know. Every step actually becomes something crucial which you should remember a lot. The goal is to make your CDL tests running smoothly and successfully.

Step 1 The Overview of Vehicle:

  • Know the condition of vehicle
  • Search for the puddle of fluid under the vehicle
  • Check the VIR to know if there are any troubles that must be corrected

Step 2 Checking the Engine Compartment

  • Make sure that wheels are chocked
  • Check all engines fluid at optimal performance or not
  • Look for the belts, hoses and wires

Step 3 Start Engine

  • Set the parking brakes and gear shift in neutral mode
  • Start the engine
  • Look at the gauges to know it runs normally
  • Check to indicates any of controls sticky or loose
  • Double-check if there is an equipment which do not run well yet
  • Re-check the windshield and set the mirrors

Step 4 Turning Off  the Engine

  • Turn off the engine and turn on the headlights and also 4-way flashers
  • Pick up the keys as you get it to the front of the vehicle
  • Go back to the cab when you ensure all lights are workable
  • Ensure the high beams run normally

Step 5 Walking Inspection

  • Turn on the right indicators. Start to walk around the vehicle
  • Ensure the tires in good condition
  • The suspension and the brakes should work well
  • The transmission, exhaust system and the fuel tank must not be leaking
  • Make sure the cargo is safe and secure
  • Ensure the door are locked
  • Check the license is secure and present or not
  • The tool boxes must be latched and shut

Step 6 Checking the Signal Lights

  • Turn off all the lights
  • Ensure the lights are correct color when driving the vehicles
  • Turn the lights off when driving
  • Finish your planning trip
  • Check needed paperwork
  • Secure the loose items in the cab

Step 7 Check Test for Hydraulic Leaks When Starting the Engine

  • Start the vehicle engine
  • Pass some test on the hydraulic brakes by holding the pedals for five seconds and brakes pedal for three times
  • Move the vehicle forward when using the parking brake. This step is successful if there are not issues when starting the trip using the vehicle

Those are some CDL general knowledge study guide that you can memorize and practice a lot. Good Luck!

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