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You are a driver who want to get CDL by practicing some test, aren’t you? If so, you are totally not wrong to do this way. Absolutely to be a professional driver, you are accused to have CDL. To have this one, you must pass some complex tests in which lots of drivers are failed when passing it. So, if you want to be successful of facing the CDL tests to achieve CDL, definitely you should keep staying on this page!

Because of many people failed of CDL passing test, in this chance, we intend to give you some practice tests that probably will help you to face the CDL test. As we know that CDL is an extension of Commercial Driver License that means a driver’s license required to operate many kinds of vehicles such as passenger buses, dump trucks, semi-trucks, tractor trailers, private car and others which are featured by machine.

How to get CDL? Of course, to get Driver License, you have to pass some tests and also additional requirements. All of requirements certainly must be completed in order to get the CDL easier and handy.  Need to know that there are three classes of CDL as you need, those are Class A, Class B and Class C. Definitely, the procedure to get CDL are different in each class of CDL. But, for the practice test in all of CDL classes are totally almost the same.

Well, we are going to share you some practice tests of CDL that probably appears on your test. Here are the samples of the  practice tests level by level that you can prepare to face CDL test!

Level 1

  • Q: What is the function of Suspension systems?
  • A: To keep axles in place.
  • Q: When is the road to be more slippery?
  • A: The road is slippery when it has begun to rain 

Level II 

  • Q: What should you do when a tire failure?
  • A: You should stay off the brake and hold the steering wheel firmly.
  • Q: Which of the following statements about downshifting is NOT true?
  •  A: The downshift when you go to the bottom of a hill.

Level III

  • Q: When do the Tires should be replaced?
  • A: When there are broken valve stems and the tread separates.  
  • Q: In the event of an accident you should remember to do the following EXCEPT?
  • A: You should move the victims out of the way soon.
  • Q: Your vehicle is going down a long hill and your brakes begin to fail. What should you do?
  • A: Look for an escape ramp or an escape route.

Level IV

  • Q: When accelerating… what must you do?
  • A: You totally do not engage the clutch before you take your foot off the brake.
  • Q: Which of the following is NOT true when driving through a curve?
  • A: You should brake during the curve.
  • Q: What is the first thing to do if your vehicle catches fire while driving?
  • A: The first thing is to pull off the road and park in an open area.

Those are some of the practice tests which have been used on the worksheet of CDL tests. We hope the tests will appear on your worksheet when you are facing the CDL test. For more practice tests, you do not hesitate to look for them on some source available on certain sites as well.

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