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County College of Moris (CCM) has the residents of Morris County and the surrounding region with education which is outstanding and affordable. Now, County College of Morris has over 45 associate degree and more than 25 certificate programs, in addition to a variety of career and professional programs. One of the highest graduation and transfer rates is also owned by this college among community colleges in New Jersey.

At County College of Morris, you will be helped advance your intellectual and personal growth by their outstanding faculty, staff and administrators. They will help you by fostering your ability to think critically and creatively, introducing you to life-changing opportunities and improving your communication skills. For almost 50 years, County College of Morris has set up itself as a high-quality college that has helped a lot of students reach their goals while simultaneously revealing the uncountable benefits that are the result of a rich education.

County College of Morris uses WebAdvisor as a tool to help students, staff and also faculty to get information which they need related to campus. You can access www ccm edu webadvisor by using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Because there is not an app for WebAdvisor, it is not recommended for you to access WebAdvisor using a handheld device such as iPhone, tablet, iPad, etc. When you want to login to WebAdvisor, you need to have your User ID and password. Your username is your last name and your first name with the following format.

  • The format of the username: lastname.firstname
  • The username is lowercase
  • Do not use spaces, hyphens and apostrophes
  • The maximum of your username is 17 characters and it includes the dot separator
  • If you have last name with more than 11 letters, you can use only first 11 letters
  • If your last and first name including the dot separator is over 17 characters,you need to use only the first 17 characters
  • If more than one person share the similar last and first name, a number is appended to the login

For passwords, you have to use the format of ccm plus your 7-digit student ID number. If your Student ID number is 3456789, your password is ccm3456789.

When you try to login into your WebAdvisor, at times you probably deal with some troubles such as being locked out of WebAdvisor. If it happens to you, you will have to wait at least half an hour before you are able to try to log in again. You may also experience a moment where you are trying to log in to WebAdvisor but you get the message which says that you are not signed up for WebAdvisor. If you get this message and you are a newly accepted student, it may be because you are not pinned in the system yet. So, you are able to contact Records and Registration at 973 328 5200 and they will be able to tell you why you have not been pinned yet.

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