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California College of the Arts (CCA) is a college which was established in 1907 by Frederick Meyer, a German cabinetmaker. This college has mission to educates students to shape society and culture through the practice and critical study of art, design, architecture, and writing. Cultivating community engagement, innovation, and social and environmental responsibility is cultivated by this college to prepare students for lifelong creative work.

As an educational and cultural institution, this college believes in fostering the artistic and academic excellence of the students and faculty. They cultivate intellectual and curiosity and risk-taking, compassion and integrity, collaboration and innovation. Then, as a global citizen and good neighbor, CCA believes in its role as a proponent of social justice and community engagement.

This college uses a tool which can be accessed by students to make them easy in getting information from the college. The tool is WebAdvisor. Webadvisor CCA enables the students of CCA to register for courses and access their student information online, and also permits faculty and staff online access to information held in the administrative database. To get access to all information available to you, you need to log in to WebAdvisor by using your CCA user ID and password. Before you log in, you have to note that there is maintenance schedule where the system will be unavailable.

The maintenance of WebAdvisor system occurs from 7 pm to 11 pm on either Friday or Saturday each first and third week of the month. You need to note also that WebAdvisor will operate effectively with Firefox or Safari browsers. You probably will experience a Maximum Number of Cookies error in Microsoft IE 7. So, it is recommended to use IE 6. Make sure that your computer is set to “accept cookies” and also “javascript enabled”.

Then, how to do CCA Webadvisor login? It is very easy. You can log in by using your CCA user ID and password. Your user ID is the first part of your CCA email address before the “@” sign. Let’s take an example. If your email address is, it means your user ID is people. You password is your CCA email password. Then, if you do not yet have a CCA email account, you are able to click on the “I’m New to WebAdvisor” link which is located at the bottom-right corner of the screen. This link will give you information as to how to activate your CCA email account. If your email account has been activated, there is a 24 hour turn-around period before your WebAdvisor account is created. The day after it, you can log in to WebAdvisor with the similar user ID and password. After you log in, you will notice two things. First, there will be a welcome message which includes your first name. This is a sign that you logged in successfully. Second, there will be Student Menu link. You can only see the Students menu link because you only have access to the web-forms or pages of students.

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