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Webadvisor Brookdale is known as the web-based information system for every student, every faculty, and every staff at Brookdale Community College. This site provides all the students of Brookdale Community College with access to the academic, financial, and biographic records. Another good thing about it it the fact that it has the ability to search and register for classes, view class schedules, final grades, and evaluate progress toward the degree.

As stated before, Brookdale Community College Webadvisor is not just for students of Brookdale Community College. This system also can be used by the faculty and the staff of Brookdale Community College. This one has something to do with class roster information for the faculty and has something to do with access to HR or Payroll information and the ability to submit leave requests for the staff.

Once again, Brookdale WebAdvisor is a named of a system owned by Brookdale Community College that can be used to do some things such as to check the grades, to check the schedules, to access to Account Balance and Financial Aid information, to register or drop or leave or add the course, to submit the leave requests (for employees), to access W-2 forms, to enter the grade (faculty), and to view the class rosters (faculty).

Everything related to Brookdale WebAdvisor is easy. For those the first time, do not worry on accessing the system. Before accessing Brookdale WebAdvisor, you can visit the official website of Brookdale Community College first to dig everything. On the website, you are able to find a lot of things related to Brookdale Community College, including Brookdale WebAdvisor.

If you face a problem or request related to the service, there is a thing called the Brookdale Office of Information Technology’s Help Desk. This kind of service is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. It means that you can contact them whenever you want. However, it is better for you to get in touch with them at the work day or work time in order to get the fast respond.

How can you reach the IT help Desk? Fortunately, you have some options to choose. the first one is to create the Support Ticket. By using this kind of method, you can open the ticket given to check on the status and add comments on the ticket. It works by selecting the Help Desk icon from the MyBrookdale Quicklaunch to make the Support Ticket. After that, you have to log in with your Brookdale email and NetID password. Apparently, this one is the most favorite method. The second one is to send an email to The third one is to call (732) 224-2829. For your information, this number is used for emergency issues that need immediate assistance.

Aside from those contacts mentioned above, there are also some other contacts that you can use to reach the representative of Brookdale WebAdvisor. These followings contacts have different purposes as the others. For those who need a help with the registration for credit classes, you can contact the One Stop Center at (732) 224-2020. As for those who need a help with registration for continuing and professional studies, then please call the customer service at (732) 224-2315 instead.

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