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Roblox is one of the popular online game platform. You may be one of the players of Roblox. If so, how long have you played there? Then, during you have become a user of Roblox, have you heard about In this site, you are able to get points which are able to exchange for Robux. Wow, it is awesome, isn’t it? You can get robux for free without having to do some surveys. You just need mobile apps.

So, what do we have to do there to get Robux? First, you need to sign up. You need to create your Bloxaward account and then verify your Roblox identity. You are able to add as many Roblox users as you want. Second, earn your points. You are able to start getting points only on mobile. It will give you the ability to withdraw items and robux. The site also has a referral program for users with mass audiences. Third, get your awards. You are able to exchange your earned points for robux. Another awesome thing of that site is the site will also reward random winners every month as a giveaway. If you want to start earning Robux, you can start by clicking Login if you have registered. But, if you have not registered yet, click on Register an account. When you are registering, you will be required to enter your name, email, password and confirm password. When you access the website of Blox Awards, you can see that there are some menus at the top of the page which consist of Home, Earn, Cash Out, Discord, Referrals, Leaderboard and Help. Then, in the top right of the page, you can see Login button. So, if you want to login, just click that button. In the leaderboard menu, you are able to see the top 100 users on bloxawards with points stored at the current state. The users which enter to the top 3 earning users will be given 750 points every month.

You may be still confused how to earn points in the Bloxy Awards. You can get points by completing some of the offers in the earning page. You will be required to complete some offers which enlisted by the providers they work with. They have no control over the offers or the completion mechanism so they cannot help you if you did not get your points. You are able to withdraw complete as many offers as you’d like. However, you have to note that there is a limitation of 15 offers  everyday which you need to abide by at all costs or your account will be pinned for suspension from their services. They will restock the bloxrobux every time it runs out on the website. They always make sure that there is a lot of robux for everyone to withdraw from. Then, if you have questions about that site, you are able to visit the site and then go to their support panel which is located in the bottom right corner of the screen for extended support.

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