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Do you love traveling? How often do you travel? In this year, where do you want to go? Or you don’t you have a plan to travel, do you? If you have no plan to travel this year, you do not be sad. It is because you still enjoy to feel traveling even at home. How can?

Definitely, you can do some world travel quiz as a substitute for your real travel. Although, it is a joke, but at least it can be a way for you to get rid of your boredom when you cannot do travelling for this year.

Well, in the text below, we show you some of Bing world travel quiz that probably will make you more fun.

Bing World Travel Quiz

1. Do you know what the second largest island in the world after Greenland?
a. New Guinea (The Correct Answer)
b. Borneo
c. Madagascar
d. Baffin Island

2. Which island called puffin island?

a. Lundy (The Correct Answer)
b. Madagascar
c. Samoa
d. Corsica

3. Which island in the South Australia coast that is popular for the colony of penguins?

a. Kangaroo island (The Correct Answer)
b. Celebrity island
c. Flinders island
d. Penguin island

4. In which city will celebrate the founding in 2019 for 500th anniversary?

a. Havana (The Correct Answer)
b. New York
c. Cape Town
d. Brussels

5. Which capital city which has changed the name from EDO 150 years old?

a. Addis Ababa
b. Tokyo (The Correct Answer)
c. Delhi
d. Jakarta

6. Which city with the highest crime rating in the world?

a. Rio de Janeiro
b. Chicago
c. The Vatican (The Correct Answer)
d. Cape Town

7. What is the biggest city in 1950?

a. Tokyo
b. Calcutta
c. New York (The Correct Answer)
d. Moscow

8. And, what it the biggest population city in 1850 in the world?

a. Beijing
b. Berlin
c. Constantinople
d. London (The Correct Answer)

9. In which city that there is a restaurant in trouble for chargig tourist about 1,000 for four main drinks and courses?

a. Dubai
b. Cambridge
c. Moscow
d. Venice (The Correct Answer)

10. Where is the fairytale castle in Germany?

a. Hamburg
b. Dresden
c. Koln
d. Bavaria (The Correct Answer)

11. A traditional dance in New Zealand called?

a. Maori Dance (The Correct Answer)
b. Tinikling Dance
c. Kabuki Dance
d. Cossack Dance

12. What are popular foods come from Mexico?

a. Masala dosa, chili, marzipan and chicken rice
b. Popcorn, potato chips, stinky tofu and enchiladas
c. Tacos, chili, burritos and enchiladas (The Correct Answer)
d. Burritos, seafood paella, som tam and poutine

13. What is the bird name on the flag of Guatemala?

a. Anhinga
b. Chickadee
c. Dove
d. Quetzal (The Correct Answer)

14. What is the name of France anthem?

a. ”La Marsaillaise” (The Correct Answer)
b. “Meda Dau Doka”
c. “Tavisupleba”
d. “El Gran Carlemany”

15. Which wild animals live in Namibia?

a. Leopard
b. Wilddogs
c. Lions
d. Gemsbok (The Correct Answer)

16. What is the most visited city in 2018?

a. Dubai
b. Paris
c. Bangkok (The Correct Answer)
d. London

17. In which city of US was became the most of the film shot?

a. Arizona
b. Texas
c. Utah (The Correct Answer)
d. California

18. The Crazy Rich Asian was set in which city?

a. Tokyo
b. Thailand
c. Shanghai
d. Singapore (The Correct Answer)

19. What is the island used a location in the Mamma Mia?

a. Crete
b. Fernando’s
c. Vis, Croatia (The Correct Answer)
d. Madeira

20. What city was used for Fantastic Beast: The Crimes of Grindelwald?

a. Berlin
b. New York
c. London
d. Paris (The Correct Answer)

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