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If you want to take Winter Travel Quiz, the questions will be related to travelling objects in winter that people can visit. It can also the needs that they have to bring when they go holiday in Winter. You are able to take this quiz in the internet to test your knowledge.

A winter travel quiz is able to be taken so that you are able to know some information about the things that you have to know about winter travelling. Here, we have some examples questions about winter travel questions in quiz.

The question can be about what type of winter traveller you are. As we know that some people can bring anything when they go on holiday but some others decide to be a simple traveler. Then, the question can be poses that you take when you travel whether you will be selfie pose, candid pose, pose only the things without you in the picture or posing with your friends.

The question about winter travel can also about the things that you will bring. You surely have a thing that you need to bring wherever you go such as glasses, camera, shawl and other things. So, this thing can also be a question and you can answer based on you. Here are the other examples of questions of quiz.

  • How do you feel about cold weather in winter?

a. I enjoy it b. I prefer mild weather c. Get me some sunshine to heat

  • What kind of travel activity do you like?

a. Hiking via an awesome landscapes

b. Exploring historic monuments

c. Soaking up the sunshine on a beach

d. Wandering through an art museum

  • Which dish do you like to eat?

a. Green curry over jasmine rice

b. Omelet with onions and potatoes

c. Fries with cheese curds

d. Potatoes and roast lamb

  • When you visit a place, when do you prefer?

a. peak season b. non peak season c. anytime

  • What movie do you want to watch when you are in a long flight?

a. Ice Age b. March of the Penguins c. Lord of the Rings d. Vicky Cristina Barcelona

  • What drink do you choose?

a. Sangria

b. Wine

c. Rum

d. Hot Chocolate

e. Fresh Fruit Juice

f. Fruity Cocktail

Those are some examples of questions that you are able to find when you try to answer winter travel quiz wherever it is including in Bing.

For your information, Bing has quiz feature that enables everyone to test their knowledge about something. If you want to test your knowledge in general such as geography or news, you are able to find the quiz by going to three lines in Bing homepage and then choose Geography or even News. Besides, Bing also has daily, weekly and trend quiz that you are able to take. By taking this quiz, it can measure your update about recent news. So, if you like reading or watching news, you can try to take daily, weekly or trend quiz. Then, you are able to give your comment about the game.

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