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The homepage of Bing now has a new daily quiz which is intended to be able to drive engagement and broaden the horizons of Bing users with trivia. If you want to try it, it is simple to do and we are going to show you how to do that.

If you want to take this daily quiz, you are able to go to the Bing site at Then, the homepage of the Bing site must show an icon with a scholastic cap on it. After that, you have to click on said icon and then you will be given a short question with 3 options on it. While you are free to answer the one question Microsoft suggests, there are two other questions that promptly show themselves after the first is correctly answered. If you want to take educational quizzes in search engines, they will not be much of bother.

If you want to answer the questions, of course you need to know the answer which means that having good knowledge is better. But, it is just for fun, so do not be so serious. You can answer this kind of quiz when you have spare time so that you can measure your knowledge with having fun.

Now, how about winter quiz? Winter quiz may be related to everything about winter such as about Christmas, snow, weather and so on. Here are some examples of Winter questions.

1. What is the most usual gift got in a Christmas Cracker?
a. ring b. candy c. hat toy

2. Mention the character played by Macaulay Culkin in the film Home Alone!

a. Kevin McCallister c. Buzz McCallister
b. Brad Taylor d. Mark Taylor

3. Who has a Christmas number one UK hit single entitled “I Want to Hold Your Hand” in the 1963?

a. The Beach Boys c. Elvis Presley
b. The Monkees d. The Beatles

4. Normally, a year consists of 365 days, so on what number day does Christmas fall on?
a. 350 b. 359 c. 355 d. 360

Bing also offers Trend Quiz. This quiz is popular among USA residents. If you are one of USA residents, you maybe know about this quiz. If you want to locate trend quiz in Popular Now carousel, you are able to go to the bottom of homepage. Then, they will ask you 10 questions in Bing trends quiz related to 10 famous trends that took place the previous week. If it is about winter, so it can be about disaster that happened, songs released in winter, movie, temperature, weather and many more. If you have answered the 10 questions, then you will be shown the score after the quiz is over.

You need to know that the quiz is really exciting because it can test you how well you know the trending news events for the week. So, if you often update the news, you will be able to answer the questions correctly and easily. So, if you have not tried it, it is better for you to try to enjoy your time while you are in Bing

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