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The quizzes which offer by Bing become the trending topics in United States. After Bing launches the new features in Bing Homepage, it makes the visitor of Bing rise up. We know that Bing is one of the best search engines. Bing always provides the news coverage of entertainment, business, politics, whether, sport, culture, education, social and more. The news is source from the world, national and local. Of course it gives the knowledge and the important news for you.

There is the quiz which phenomenal. It is Bing touchdown quiz. The touchdown quiz provides the question about American football. Touchdown in American football means the act off scoring points by carry the ball across to other team’s goal line. Or throw the ball so that it can catch by the member of your team which stays in the other team’s goal line. Based on other research, touchdown in American football means the team of football scores a touchdown by advancing the ball into the opposing end zone. It is include returning a kickoff, running and passing.

In the social media, there are the people who share their score of the touchdown quiz. It is evidence that there are many people who like play the touchdown quiz. For example we can see in the social media Twitter, there are people who tell their experience after plying touchdown quiz. On twitter, they usually share their score with the hash tag Bing Touchdown.  There is a man who won the surface Pro 4 from Bing touchdown. He was very happy. He tell that he play the touchdown quiz nearly every day. He like play the touchdown quiz because he are really football sport especially American football.

Do you ever try playing the touchdown quiz? If you want to test your knowledge about football lets playing it. It is not impossible for you to win a surface Pro 4 also. As the other quizzes, in the touchdown quiz also provide the questions which have four options. Then you can choose the answer correctly. Are you curious to play it? Let’s play the Bing touchdown quiz! Hopefully you can a high score and can won a surface Pro 4 like other people.

If you want to try other quiz which provide the question about sport, so you can try it in the Bing weekly sport trivia quiz. In Bing weekly sport trivia quiz, you will find trivia questions dealing with popular sports such as the football, soccer, tennis and baseball. There are ten questions which give you four options to answer it. If you are playing it, please read the questions carefully and answer correctly. To answer correctly the questions of weekly sport trivia quiz you have to know the knowledge about the news of sports and its sport. You can join with the weekly sport trivia quiz every week. By the way, Bing have gone quiz at Bing Australia to celebrate AFL & NRL finals time and reality TV season. So, you can enjoy with the Bing Australia team.

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