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What comes to your mind when you hear the Taj Mahal? Are you really interested to know more about it? Then, do you know more about it?

Of course, when you hear Taj Mahal, it refers to a futuristic building built in India. However, Taj Mahal is one of Seven Wonders of the World that has successfully attracted many people around the world. Why?

When you see the Taj Mahal, it surely saves many epic things that you will not find at another place. So that’s why learning and finding out about this building is really a must for you.

Then, what will you do when you need some facts about this epic building? We guess that you will read and read the information about it from any sources from the internet or through text books. Whatever the method as you do to find the fact, the main thing that you have to get is the truth about the Taj Mahal building facts at all.

Are you getting bored when you find the information about it from a book or wiki? Please, drive it away!

Nowadays, there is a good method that you can use to get the information about it. One of them is through the quiz. It means that you can take the quiz about Taj Mahal to increase your knowledge.

Bing Taj Mahal Quiz

In this chance, we show you a list of Bing Taj Mahal Quiz that you can take. We complete it with the correct answer too. Here are they!

1. In which city is the Taj Mahal Located?

a. Thane, India
b. Ludhiana, India
c. Nashik, India
d. Agra, India
The answer is D. (Agra, India)

2. Who built the Taj Mahal in India?

a. The workers
b. Shan Jahan
c. Mumtaz Mahal
d. Akbar
The answer is A. The workers

3. Which Mughal Emperor who has built Taj Mahal

a. Akbar
b. Badur
c. Jahangir
d. Shan Jahan
The answer is D. Shah Jahan

4. How many years did the Taj Mahal take to build?

a. 10 years
b. 12 years
c. 14 years
d. 18 years
The answer is B. 12 years

5. What mainly material is outside of the Taj Mahal?

a. Gray Stone
b. Ivory
c. Gold Painted Stone
d. white marble
The answer is D. White Marble

6. Who is Shah Jahan?

a. The king
b. The queen
c. The emperor of the Mughal Empire
d. Emperor
The answer is C. The emperor of the Mughal Empire

7. In what year did the Taj Mahal become a UNESCO World Heritage site?

a. 1943
b. 1889
c. 1983
d. 1954
The answer is C. 1983

8. What do you first see when you come to the Taj Mahal?

a. The gateway
b. The watercourse
c. The mousoleum
d. The bridge
The answer is A. The gateway

9. What is special about the garden in Taj Mahal?

a. It is Persian-style
b. It is not symmetrical
c. There are six flowersbeds in it
d. It is Mediterranean style
The answer is A. It is Persian’s style

10. Why did the Emperor Jahan construct the Taj Mahal?

a. To improve how rich is the empire was
b. To keep the memory of his wife alive
c. To show how great he was as a builder
d. To make the area more gorgeous look
The answer is B. To keep memory of his wife alive

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