Bing Supersonic Quiz Not Working

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As we know that nowadays Bing provide the quizzes for everyone who visit Bing. By the way, do you like playing the Bing quiz? What is your favorite Bing quiz? As we know that on Bing, there is a quiz named Bing Supersonic quiz. Have you ever join that quiz?

If you ever play the Bing Supersonic quiz, have you ever get problem where that quiz is not working? What do you do to fix the problem of Bing Supersonic Quiz not working? For those who get this problem, you do not worry about that because you are able to solve your problem easily. Usually, this problem occur because you do not change your region.

You have to note that Bing Homepage Quiz feature is only available in United States region. So, if you have selected any different region or automatically Bing selected a different region for you, it will make you cannot see Bing Homepage Quiz icon on Bing homepage. It means that when you are trying to play the Bing Supersonic quiz, and you get that the quiz is not working, so you need to change your region. For this case, to make you can access and enjoy Bing Homepage Quiz like Bing supersonic quiz, manually you need to change your region to United States using Bing Settings.

Apparently, there are some steps that you have to do to change your region for Bing search so that you are able to access Bing homepage quiz and play the Bing supersonic quiz. At the first step, you have to open in your choice browser. The second step, you have to click on the three lines icon given at the top-right corner at the homepage of Bing. After that, you are going to view “Settings” option that located at the top in the main menu. Just click on it. Next, it is going to expand the Settings option. There you are going to see “Country or Region” option in the list.

You need still some steps to complete this process. Afterwards, you have to click on the “Country or Region” option and then Bing is going to load Settings in a new page. At the moment, you have to click on “Change your country/region” link to view a list of all available regions to select. Now, you have to click on “United States – English” region and Bing is going to load the homepage again. You are almost finish in changing your region. The last step that you need to do to complete this changing of region is you have to move your mouse cursor at different places on the background image on Bing homepage. We are sure that you are going to get the Bing Homepage Quiz icon successfully. It means that you are able to play the Bing Supersonic quiz. Try to play the quiz and you have to answer all questions correctly. If you can answer all questions of Bing Supersonic quiz correctly, so you will be able to get a high score.

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