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Merry Christmas!!!

Are you looking for any brilliant ideas to celebrate Christmas for this year? Looking for any ideas to present Christmas day for this year to be different from previous year is totally a good idea. But, if you want to be different of celebrating Christmas Day in this year, why not to follow any quizzes about Christmas Day on Bing. Are you interested?

By following any Bing quiz about Christmas, definitely you can feel any different atmosphere to celebrate Christmas for this year even you never follow Christmas Bing Quiz. Besides, you can get any reward from Bing, certainly you can add you knowledge about Christmas. Then, you can give a challenge quiz to your family as one of events in celebrating Christmas Day when you are gathering with your big family. That’s a good idea, isn’t?

Well, if you intend to give any Bing Quiz about Christmas to your family in amazing day, of course, you are able to copy and use the samples of Bing Quiz that we explain in the below!

1. If Ded Moroz comes to your home for the Slavic winter holidays, what does he bring?
a. New Year Tidings
b. His crazy uncle Ivan
c. Gifts
The correct answer is C (Gifts)

2. Which of these vehicles does Ded Moroz use to travel from house to house?
a. Troika
b. Flying Carpet
c. Snowmobile
The correct answer is A (Troika)

3. Which Norse god might have influenced our modern idea of Santa Claus?
a. Thor
b. Odin
c. Heimdall
The correct answer is B (Odin)

4. In Finland, Joulupukki is a Santa-like figure. What does his name mean?
a. Laughing elf
b. Yule Goat
c. Man in Red
The correct answer is B (Yule Goat)

5. In South Korea, Santa Claus is sometimes depicted wearing what color?
a. Blue
b. Yellow
c. Pink
The correct answer is A (Blue)

6. Why does the German Christmas character Belsnickel come to town before Santa Claus?
a. To find out who’s nice
b. To find out who’s naughty
c. Both are correct
The correct answer is C (Both are correct)

7. What object delivers presents to the children of Catalonia on Christmas Day?
a. A train
b. A Christmas log
c. A flying broom
The correct answer is B (A Christmas log)

8. Some children in Italy wait not for a visit from Santa Claus, but from Befana. Who is she?
a. A witch bearing gifts
b. A beautiful snow princess
c. An Italian shoemaker
The correct answer is A (A witch bearing gifts)

9. A Thai man named Yongyut Sangdee holds what unofficial title?
a. Non-Denominational Holiday Man
b. Ambassador to the North Pole
c. Santa Claus of Rayong
The correct answer is C (Santa Claus of Rayong)

10. Olentzero brings gifts to good children on Christmas Eve in the Basque Country. What is he?
a. A giant
b. A ghost
c. A rabbit
The correct answer is A (A giant)

Well, giving the quiz to your family about Santa Claus in Christmas Day can be something fun, even you can give reward to one who answers the question correctly.

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