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If you are in this page to look for the Rugby quiz on Bing, actually you are on the right page now. Indeed, on this page, we will show you samples of rugby quiz that will make you easy when taking the quiz. Rugby has been attracted lots of users to take it because of the funny and the uniqueness. So, do not waste the time to know more about Bing rugby quiz.

One of exciting and a lot enthusiasts sport in the world is Rugby. As we know that Rugby refers to the team sports which are as similar as football. Rugby or Rugby football is one of many versions of football played at English Public schools in the 19th century. Each team try to get score by doing some ways such as kick, throw and carry the ball so as they can get chance to goal.

Because of Rugby is so enchanting and inviting to play. So, this makes some quiz creators of Bing to present Bing Rugby World Cup Quiz that everyone can take it whenever. Then, if you are so excited to know about the quiz, here are the sample of Rugby World Cup Quiz on Bing that you can try to play:

1. Michael Leitch is the captain of which team in the 2019 World Cup?

a. Japan
b. China
c. Canada
d. Mexico

2. Which country caused the first upset of the 2019 World Cup with a win over Fiji?

a. Uruguay
b. China
c. Taiwan
d. Pakistan

3. Name the only player to play in every minute of all England’s tournament matches when they won the world cup in 2003?

a. Lawrence Dallaglio
b. Michael Jones
c. Michael Jordan
d. Andy Dalton

4. Name the youngest player ever to appear in a World Cup Final?

a. Fabien Galthie
b. Jonathan Webb
c. Jonah Lomu
d. Huw Richards

5. England have been in three but how many tries have they scored in World Cup Finals?

a. One
b. Two
c. Three
d. Four

6. Which ALl Black player scored the opening try of the first match at both the 1987 and 1991 Rugby World Cups?

a. Stephen Donald
b. Richards
c. Michael Jones
d. Andy Dalton

7. What number did Nelson Mandela have on his back when he wore a Springbock jersey to present the Rugby World Cup in 1995?

a. Number 7
b. Number 10
c. Number 6
d. Number 2

8. Which country won the 1991 World Cup?

a. German
b. Spain
c. Australia
d. England

9. Name New Zealand’s captain going into the first ever tournament?

a. Andy Dalton
b. George North
c. Jason Leonard
d. Stephen Donald

10. What is the name of the trophy awarded to the world cup winner?

a. The Webb Cup
b. Rugby World Cup
c. The Webb Ellis Cup
d. Rugby National Cup

However, we just share the samples of rugby quiz on Bing, certainly, the format and the question will be a little bit different. But, generally, the format of the quiz is so similar with the samples. It is the best time for you to play the Bing Rugby World Cup Quiz to get rid of your stress.

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