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Based on the research, Bing Rewards launched in 2010 as a way to attract people to use the Bing search engine. In this program, the members are able to earn reward points or credits once they search online by using Bing, checking out new features, and perform other tasks such as answering quizzes and surveys. As long as you are signed in to your Bing Rewards account, you are able to get credits.

For your information, Microsoft Rewards replaced Bing Rewards in August 2016. A new points system was put in place as part of the change wherein the users could get points only by browsing using Microsoft Edge. The credits also are able to be earned by purchasing the items from the Windows store, or by taking daily quests or quizzes. Then, the points are able to be accumulated and are able to be redeemed as Microsoft Store gift cards, and Amazon gift cards. Even, the points also are able to be redeemed as Starbucks gift cards.


Of course, Bing rewards has lots of features and benefits. You have to know that the Bing Rewards program will allow you to get credits for searching on Bing, using new Bing features, or trying certain other Microsoft products and services. In this case, Bing Rewards are tracked through a credit counter on your browser (Internet Explorer 7 or later, Chrome or Safari, the latest version of Firefox,), that appears in the top right corner of any page you are visiting.

Alternatively, you are able to download and install the Bing Bar that has a Bing Rewards button and credit counter. The mobile users also are able to access Bing Rewards through their default mobile web browser. Bing Rewards members are able to earn points for using Bing, consider it a frequent flyer program for searchers. It is a tiered program, so more credits are available to upper level members.

Bing Rewards offers more perks for those who can reach their higher status membership levels. The first level for Bing Rewards named as Member. It is the entry-level for the new members. The members level are able to get credits for using Bing for example for their searches and for daily offers. When a Member completes the Welcome to Rewards tour, so please redeems their first reward and has accumulated at least 200 credits, then they are able to move up to Silver level. By using the promotion, Bing Rewards Silver members are able to get 50 credit bonus. Next level in Bing Rewards is Gold. It is the highest Bing Rewards level. Any people can get this Bing rewards level after they earned 750 lifetime credits and are performing 150 qualifying searches on Bing each month. If a member reaches Gold level, so they are going to get up to 10% off their rewards redemptions.

Well, the text above is an explanation of Bing Rewards. If you want to get more information regarding Bing Rewards, or you have any question related Bing Rewards, we allow you to send us an email for assistance.

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