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Based on the research, Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926) is the most popular architect of all time. He admired as the Catalan architect. He was the leading figure of Modernisme or well known as Catalan Modernism (a Catalan equivalent to Art Nouveau) although his greatest works reflect a unique style which transcended individual architectural styles and movements.

When you come to this page, you may want to know some information about Bing Quiz Gaudi Heritage. You are lucky have come to this page because in this page we are going to share some information about that. Even, in this article, we are going to share some Quiz Gaudi Heritage. So, if you read this article, you are able to get some example of questions for Bing Quiz Gaudi Heritage. We are sure that you are very curious to know its information. So, please continue to read this entire article.

Now, we are going to share some question for Bing Quiz Gaudi Heritage. To get know its information, just read the text below:

1. The first built design of Gaudi (1883-1888) was the summary house for Manuel Vicens. What was included at the design as the ads for the business?

a. The wooden tower
b. Big numbers of tiles
c. The fish pond
d. The Sculptures of cotton mill workers

2. Antoni Gaudi was influenced heavily by Gothic architecture once he was constructing the crypt of what was intended to be the church at the Guell Colony. What a usual feature of Gothic churches did he attach good importance to avoid?

a. Applied decoration
b. The Fan vaulting
c. Flying buttresses
d. The Arched windows

3. Antoni Gaudi was designed the thing named Bellesguard (1906-1909), the man had spend the amazing deal of time studying mediaeval architecture, and restoring Palma Cathedral. What was the main source for the dwelling?

a. The Castle keep
b. The Hunting lodge
c. The Gothic cathedral
d. The Gatehouse

4. A famed feature of Guell Park is the benches Gaudi designed. By the way, what form do they bring?

a. The Parallel lines
b. The Cruciform
c. The Serpentine
d. The Circular

5. With the rising religious fervor, Antoni Gaudi spend the last forty three years of his life working on the famous basilica in Barcelona that called at the Sagrada Familia. Do you know, which is the transept shown in the most photographs of that building?

a. North
b. South
c. East
d. West

Well, the text above are some question for Bing Quiz Gaudi Heritage. Do you want to try to join the quiz? Now, let us try to answer every question correctly. For this case, if you are able to answer those question correctly, of course your score is going to high. We are able to say that you have good knowledge of Antoni Gaudi Heritage. In other case, if you try this quiz but you get low score, you do not be sad because you are able to learn more about Gaudi World Heritage. Or you are able also to take another Gaudi World Heritage quiz if you want.

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