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If you use Bing search engine for searching any information on Internet, you might be aware of Bing Homepage Quiz feature which is also known by other names such as Bing Weekly Quiz, or Bing Weekly Trends Quiz. Yeah, it is the new features offer by Bing for all users of Bing. Based on the research, after Bing provide that new features, it make lots of people more interested to visit Bing.

By the way, do you like visit Bing? Do you like playing the Bing quiz? What is your opinion about that Bing quiz. We are sure that you are going to enjoy with that quiz. But, for your information, sometime there is an issue for Bing quiz. Yeah, recently there are some users of Bin who said that Bing quiz does not work. By the way, do you ever get this problem? What can you do to fix it? We are going to tell you that there is our reader who contacted us regarding an issue related to Bing Quiz. He said that he could access Bing Homepage Quiz feature on his workplace computer but was unable to access it on his home computer. On his home computer device, he was unable to locate the Quiz icon on Bing homepage. Bing Homepage Quiz was not showing at all in his PC. He tried with all web browsers but no benefit.

If you get the same problem, so you are able to follow the solution provided by us here. We hope that after you follow all these steps, you are able to fix it and then access and play Bing Homepage Quiz in your computer. Then, if Bing Homepage Quiz is also not working for you or suddenly stopped working in your computer or web browser, we think that this tutorial will help you in fixing the problem. So what is the solution? You have to know that Bing Homepage Quiz feature is only available in United States region. So if you have selected any different region or Bing automatically selected a different region for you, you will not see Bing Homepage Quiz icon on Bing homepage.

To can access and enjoy Bing Homepage Quiz, you have to change your region to United States using Bing Settings manually. By following steps will help you in changing your region for Bing search.

  •  First of all open in your web browser.
  • Then, click on the Hamburger (3-lines) icon given at the top-right corner on Bing homepage.
  •  You will see “Settings” option at the top in the main menu. Please, click on it.
  •  It will expand the Settings option and you will see “Country/Region” option in the list.
  • You have to click on the “Country/Region” option and Bing is going to load Settings in a new page.
  •  In this time, just click on “Change your country/region” link to show a list of all available regions to select.
  • Please, click on “United States – English” region and Bing will load the homepage again.
  • The last, you need to move your mouse cursor at different places on the background image on Bing homepage and then you will get the Bing Homepage Quiz icon successfully.

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