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The term “Bing quiz calcio 2020” refers to the quiz about football offered by Bing. The word “calcio” means football in Italy but the quiz is not always related to the football league in Italy such as Serie A but it also covers all the things about football around the world.

Football is no doubt one of the most popular sports in the whole world, if not the most popular. Everyone loves this sport from kids to olders. This kind of sport does not view the culture, the region, the status, and so on. Everyone is allowed to both play and enjoy football.

For those who love football and want to know how well you know about this sport, what about take this Bing quiz calcio 2020 and see how many rights can you get? Here are some questions that you can find.

1. Which team plat at Anfield?

a. Everton
b. Aston Villa
c. Manchester City
d. Liverpool

2. Which English Premier side are known as The Red Devils?

a. Manchester United
b. Chelsea
c. Newcastle United
d. Arsenal

3. How many times have Brazil won the World Cup?

a. 0
b. 2
c. 4
d. 5

4. Are team allowed more than elevent players on the pitch at any time?

a. Yes
b. No

5. What happens if a referee show a player a red card?

a. The player gets sent off the pitch
b. The player has to do 10 laps of the ground
c. The player gets the detention after the game
d. The opponent team automatically scores the goal

6. How long is the game of the professional football?

a. 90 minutes
b. 60 minutes
c. 45 minutes
d. 70 minutes

7. When did AC Milan sign Weah from?

a. Marseille
b. Monaco
c. PSG
d. Bordeaux

8. How many teams did Christian Vieri play for?

a. 12
b. 13
c. 14
d. 10

9. Which team did Juventurs beat when they reached three successive Champions League finals?

a. Real Madrid
b. Marseille
c. Ajax Amsterdam
d. Barcelona

10. Which Spanish club has finished runner-up in La Liga the most number of times?

a. Barcelona
b. Real Madrid
c. Atletico Madrid
d. Valencia

11. In which year did Las Palmas finish second in La Liga?

a. 1989
b. 1979
c. 1969
d. 1959

12. Who is the all the time top scorer in the La Liga history still playing in Spain or elsewhere?

a. David Villa
b. Raul Gonzales
c. Samuel Eto’o
d. Lionel Messi

13. Which English team did Francesco Baiano join in 1997?

a. Derby
b. West Ham
c. Blackburn
d. Middlesbrough

Ca you answer all the questions about football above? Please keep in mind that the amount of right answers does not equal to your love toward football. In order to add your knowledge about football, do not stop watching and enjoying this sport. If it is needed, you can read everything about it on any platform.

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