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Bing always provides the actual and interesting news which source from the world, national and local. It is organized to give the visitor in-depth news coverage of entertainment, sport, business etc. Nowadays when you visit Bing, at Bing homepage there is the new feature which is offer by Bing. Its feature is Bing news quiz. Bing offers several quizzes to visitor or user Bing to know how you are really knows about the news. If you are user Bing let’s try test your knowledge with join in the Bing quizzes.

Actually, there are many people who have joined the Bing quizzes. They are very glad and interest with the new features. Bing news quiz such us Bing weekly quiz, Bing daily quiz and Bing trends quiz. It is make the visitor of Bing be increase. If you want to play Bing quiz, for example you want to play Bing weekly quiz, you can go the Before that you have to change your search settings to English because it is available in United States. Then please open the carousel by tapping the icon which at the bottom of the screen. If you see Bing logo tagged “Bing Weekly Quiz”, let’s click it. So you can play Bing weekly quiz. In Bing weekly quiz there are seven questions which should you answer. Please answer the question correctly. We think if you are the good hunter news so you can answer the question correctly and get a high score.

Bing News Quiz
As we said that the feature Bing news quiz has been successfully to interest the visitor. Based on the data, the visitors increase 65% one month after Bing launching those newest features. There are many people who spend their break just to play the Bing quizzes. Most of them join the Bing quizzes in certain time, such us when they are breaking and before they go to sleep. In other case, there are also many people who check out Bing to get knowledge and know the latest news include entertainment, sport or business but they do not join in the Bing quizzes. Maybe they are more interest to join at the pools. The pool also is one of its newest features of Bing. It is an interesting activity also. The poll gives an opportunity for the visitor or the user of Bing to review the current events and trending topics. The Bing users can review on polls such us about a gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo and the killing of Harambe.

Another news quiz is Bing trends quiz. It is usually post on Friday. If you want to play Bing trends quiz, you can find in the “Popular Now” carousel that runs across the bottom of its homepage. In the Bing trends quiz, there are ten questions from ten popular trends that occurred during the past week. We are sure that you will interest also to play that quiz. So let’s visit Bing and try to test your knowledge through play the Bing quizzes.

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