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Bing love quiz is the name of the quiz provided Bing about love. Just like any other Bing quizzes, this one has three options to choose. The quiz will pop up when you open Bing. Do you want to try the Bing love quiz? Here are the examples of the question.

1. What will you do if your partner is returning after three days on the business trip?

a. Wish your partner could stay away a few more days. The absence of him makes the hear grow fonder/
b. Cannot wait to see him or her because you missed your quality time together.
c. Plan to have friends in for dinner. It is easier to get reacquainted with each other when the others are around to help breaks the ice.

2. What will you do is you just had a fight with your partner?

a. Feel that it is time to break up.
b. Concede, once again. You do not like to rock the boat.
c. Still disagree, but believe it is fine to have different opinions.

3. You are at a party with people who are meeting your partner for the first time. What will you do after introducing your partner?

a. Tell everyone what two of you did earlier that day and how much fun you have together.
b. Immediately start talking about your job. Your friends are in the same field.
c. Ask to be introduced to the cute new boy or girl by the buffet

4. It is a rainy day and you are lounging on the sofa, reading a book and your partner walks in the room. What will you do?

a. Jump to see if your partner needs anything. You want to make sure her or him is happy.
b. Invite your partner to join. You like the quite time you get to spend together.
c. Pick up and move to another room. You are not able to relax when your partner is hovering around you.

5. What is your answer when people ask you how you knew that you current partner is your final answer?

a. Saying something like “I just knew. It just feels right.”
b. Say it is because your partner is great with your new puppy.
c. Do not really have answer because you are not really sure that he or she is the one.

6. How did you feel when you see your partner?

a. Irritated. You did not want to be bothered tonight.
b. Nervous. You should not have skipped a shave.
c. Flushed. Your palms are sweaty and your heart is racing.

7. What is your answer when you hate the red shirt and your partner asks you if he or she should wear the red shirt?

a. Say that you hate the red shirt.
b. Say that your partner looks great in all of the colors.
c. Say that the red shirt is nice but you think that another color for the certain occasion is better.

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