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Do you like animal? Have you heard about the thing called wombat? For both you have heard about it and who are not familiar with this animal, you can try to take the quiz of wombat on Bing. This quiz is known as Bing homepage quizzes wombat.

Bing homepage quizzes wombat means the quiz about the animal named wombat on Bing. When you open Bing, you will be able to see the quiz. The quiz can vary from economic, politic, history, entertainment, biology, and so on. It means there is the possibility of the quiz talking about animals like wombat. Here are some questions about that you might see.

1. What is the nearest relative of wombat?

a. Koala
b. Numbat
c. Bilby
d. Kangaroo

2. Where do wombats make their home?

a. In the tree hollow
b. In the burrows in the ground
c. In the nest on the ground made of twigs and leaves
d. On the branches of trees

3. What is the different of the pouch of wombat compared to most other marsupials?

a. It faces backwards
b. It has two segments for the twin births
c. It is on the back of the wombat rather than the underside
d. It is able to accommodate up to four wombat babies simultaneously

4. What is the baby wombat known for?

a. Joey
b. Kitten
c. Cub
d. Pup

5. What dies does the wombat live on?

a. Eucalyptus leaves only
b. Omnivorous
c. Herbivorous
d. Carnivorous

6. Which of these following is not a type of wombat?

a. Badger
b. Common wombat
c. Northern wombats
d. Southern wombats

7. Which animal looks more like a wombat?

a. Rats
b. Koala
c. Rabbits
d. Mice

8. What type of animal is the Northern hairy nosed wombat?

a. Mammal
b. Insect
c. Fish
d. Bird

9. What country are the Northern hairy nosed wombat currently?

a. Brazil
b. Germany
c. Rome
d. Australia

10. Which statements is true about wombats?

a. They are great hoppers.
b. They are short legged.
c. They are carnivores.
d. They are always fat.

11. The teeth of wombats are different compared to the other marsupials. What other group of animals they are resemble?

a. Horses
b. Rodents
c. Cats
d. Dogs

12. What is the scientific name for the common wombat?

a. Atrax robusta
b. Phascolarctos cinereus
c. Vombatus ursinus
d. Macropus rufus

13. When European settlers wombats for the first time in Australia it was thought they were the type of animal of which animal?

a. Beaver
b. Raccoon
c. Badger
d. Armadillo

14. Apparently, there are three types of wombat in Australia. Beside the Northern and Southern hairy nosed wombats, what is another type?

a. Giant wombat
b. Hairless wombat
c. Common wombat
d. Eastern wombat

Taking the quiz about wombat above will help you if you encounter the Bing quiz about wombat. So, how many questions about wombat that you can answer? Go read a lot if think your score is low and take another wombat quiz to see if you are improved.

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