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Welcome Halloween! Are you ready for Halloween? What kinds of preparations have you made to celebrate the Halloween? Or you do not prepare anything because you still look for the inspirations? If so, you do not worry because there is still time to prepare in order to get the unforgettable moment for this year’s Halloween. But, it is better for you to take Bing Halloween Quiz to get rewards before preparing the real Halloween, isn’t? So, check it out!

Before you go on taking the quiz, you must power the topic about Halloween as well. Indeed, the topic is needed so that you will get easy in answering the quiz. If you answer the all questions correctly, absolutely, the rewards will be added into your profile. Do you want it?

As we know that Halloween has the special characteristic that is illustrated by a pumpkin. Why? The pumpkin in Halloween called as Jack-o-lantern that is used to make bonfire as the substitute of lantern. The Jack-o-lantern has a characteristic in which the pumpkin was created by carving to be the part of face. Halloween is a kind of celebration found in several countries that hold on October 30, in every year, especially the Christian country. Halloween also known as All Saints’ Eve, All Hallows’ Eve, or Allhalloween.

That’s just a little of Halloween topic that you will get more knowledge about it. Now, it is time for you to take the Bing Halloween Quiz, but before take it on You are able to practice through the questions as we provide in the text below. Indeed, those questions will help you to get 100% points as well.

1. Which root vegetable were jack-o’-lanterns originally made of?
a. Turnips
b. Parsnips
c. Carrots
The right answer is A (Turnips)

2. Halloween is thought to have originated from which Celtic harvest festival?
a. Beltane
b. Hogmanay
c. Samhain
The right answer is C (Samhain)

3. How much did Americans spend in 2018 on Halloween candy?
a. Over 4 billion
b. Over 2 billion
c. Over 1 billion
The right answer is B (Over 2 billion)

4. In the early days of trick-or-treating, what did you do to get a treat?
a. Sing
b. Dance
c. Both
The right answer is C (both)

5. What do you call the fear of Halloween?
a. Chiroptophobia
b. Hemophobia
c. Samhainophobia
The right answer is C (Samahainophobia)

6. Which of these would help if you’re confronted by a werewolf?
a. Silver
b. Honey
c. Garlic
The right answer is A (Silver)

7. Which historic figure was an influence on the creation of Count Dracula?
a. Aladdin
b. Prince Charles
c. Vlad the Impaler
The right answer is C (Vlad the Impaler)

8. If a girl placed an apple, then she’d bobbed under her pillow, what will she dream of?
a. Her future soul mate
b. Having 100.000 instagram followers
c. Her first child
The right answer is A (Her future soul mate)

9. The mask worn by Michael Myers in the Halloween films was based on whose face?
a. William Shatner
b. Clint Eastwood
c. Sean Connery
The right answer is A (William Shatner)

10. The tradition of dressing in costume came from a fear of what?
a. Cats
b. Ghosts
c. Winter
The right answer is B (Ghosts)

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