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Bing makes the new experiences with offers a quiz in that homepage. It is approximately start from past year. After launching the new features, the user of Bing become go up. They are more interesting to visit Bing every day. It is doing continuously. Actually, the survey of Facebook in 2015 also said that there are many people who join the quizzes, games, and polls. A quiz is one of the games which are like many people. It is identical with the knowledge or information and the award. Through quiz, you can test your knowledge about news of educative, culture, entertainment and many other.

There is Bing film quiz which many people join in that quiz. They are who have hobby watching film of course very interested to join its quiz. They said that it is very fun and interesting for them. Through its quiz they will get more knowledge about film, either the film which booming in the last time or the newest film. Sometime they join in Bing film quiz when they are break of their work. They do in their office with their lovely friends. That activity can make refresh their brain and until amuse them. In other fact, there are many people who join in film quiz before they go to sleep. Besides that they are many people who spend their part time just to engage in film quiz. It is probably they are the addict film quiz.

Bing Film Quiz
Bing film quiz is really making many people interested in it. Usually there are film quiz about the film of four Dracula, three guardian, two road warriors etc. Another people maybe join in that film quiz to purpose just amuse and test their knowledge about film. But several people make the aims to get award. Finally they are continuously visiting Bing just to participate in Bing quizzes. In Bing, there are many type of quiz which is offer Bing to interest Bing user. Those are Bing daily quiz, Bing weekly quiz, Bing trends quiz and many others. Bing daily quiz appear in at Bing homepage. When you visit Bing, you will see a graduation cap icon which leads to three questions quiz. If you want to play to play a daily quiz, you have to do several steps ways. First you have to go on Afterwards, wait a few minute so the Bing homepage should show an icon with a scholastic cap on it. Then please click on said icon. You will see the question of quiz. Those questions are a short question which contains three options. Let’s complete that three-question quiz and be the winner. At the end of the quiz, you will get a score. The score can you share on your social media site. Bing said that the new features which offers by Bing can make the visitor of Bing are increase continuously. So until now Bing always strive to give the best news. Features and the comfort to user Bing.

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