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Answering questions is like playing games. You need to have knowledge to be able to answer it correctly. Taking quiz is something that a lot of like and enjoy to play because by taking quiz they can test their knowledge and also they will be curious whether they can answer it well or not.

One of the quiz that you are able to take is Bing quiz. Bing is popular because of its Bing weekly quiz. It can test your knowledge related to news and current affairs that took place all through the week. Usually, Bing provides a set of 7 questions for all US users every Friday. If you like following news, they you are able to try to play this weekly quiz.

Besides, there is also Bing Homepage quiz. Do you know what it is? It is the feature in Bing and it has been talked about these days. If you want to take this quiz, you have to access Then, do not forget to change the language settings to English before you begin playing the quiz. Next, you have to open the carousel which is able to be done by clicking the icon and you can find it at the bottom of the screen. Then, you can see Bing Weekly Quiz. So, you are able to click it. If you update with the news, you are able to answer it easily.

If you want to take an education quiz, you are able to click on three lines in the right side of the homepage near Sign In info. After that, choose Fun and Games and then you can choose what theme that you want to play. For example, you choose a Geography quiz. Then, you can choose whether Landmarks, General, United States, Agriculture Geology and more. For example, you choose General. Here are some examples of questions.

1. Where is the Bangalore?

a. India
b. Haiti
c. Kenya
d. Japan

2. What is pollinated by hummingbird?

a. Oncidium
b. Monkey brush vine
c. Passion flower
d. Orchid

3. How much fresh water in the world is in the Amazon?

a. One-half
b. One-fifth
c. Three quarters
d. One-quarter

4. Where is the temperate rainforest between Durban and Cape Town?

a. South Africa
b. Nairobi
c. Kenya
d. Uganda

5. Where is the big African port of Maputo?

a. Angola
b. Liberia
c. Cameroon
d. Mozambique

If you are able to answer the questions correctly, the option that you choose will be green. But, if you answer the question wrong, then the option that you choose will be red and the right answer will be green.

Taking this kind of site can challenge you. Besides, it can also add your knowledge. When you get the answer wrong and then there will appear the right answer, so you will know the right answer and it means that you add new knowledge. So, instead of playing social media or doing nothing, it is better for you to take this quiz now. Go to Bing site and then access the quiz.

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