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At the moment we will talk about Bing cine quiz. What is the meaning cine? It is source Spanish. Cine refers to motion pictures or the art of moving image. We knew it as cinema or movie. Many people who like watching movie. The genres of movie are action movie, adventure, animated, comedy, science fiction, horror, thrillers, fantasy and many others. To interest the visitor, Bing offers a cine quiz. It is one of the new features of Bing. Since Bing launch the news features, the visitor of Bing become increase approximately 50% up to 65%.

Bing cine quiz provide the question about the movie, such us the movie of Donald Clarkes, three Guardians, two road warriors, four Draculas and one Adrian de la Touche. We can see the questions of cine quiz from the previous quiz. Those questions are which Dracula appeared in both The Lord of the Rings and the Star Wars Franchise? Who among these is not a guardian of the galaxy? What was the last film wholly in black and white to win the best picture Oscar? Each question contain some options which can you choose.

There are many people who join in Bing cine quiz. Most of them, they are who love and have hobby watching the movie. Through its quiz they will get more knowledge about the movie, either the movie which booming in the last time or the newest movie. They said that it is very fun and interesting for them. Usually they spare time join in cine quiz when they are break of their work. That activity can make refresh their brain and give entertainment for them. In other fact, there are many people who join in film quiz before they go to sleep. Besides that they are many people who spend their part time just to engage in cine quiz. An addict movie maybe will like that.

Bing Cine Quiz

Actually, from the internet, maybe you ever see the site which provides a movie quiz. Yeah, there are many a movie quizzes which offer to everybody. Based on the research, many people who interest to engage in games, quizzes and pools. Another movie quiz usually gives the question through the pictures. You have to know the title of movie through see the pictures. You will give some options to answer that question. In Bing, it is also give a chance to everybody who want join in pools. In last time, there are the visitors who join in pools then they give review on polls about a gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo and the killing of Harambe. Actually in the pools the people can review the current events and trending topics.

So, if you are interest to the games, the quizzes or the pools, let’s visit Bing. In Bing, it provides the activity which do you want. Visit Bing is one of the sites that provide the actual and interesting news. The news is source from various part of the world. It includes social, entertainment, business, sport etc.

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