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There is Bing Ashes quiz which many people join in that quiz. By the way, how much do you know about the greatest rivalry in the cricket? You are able to find out how well do you know cricket’s oldest rivalry by joining this Bing Ashes quiz.

You have to know that Australia and England renew their Ashes rivalry from 23 November. And it is time for the cricket nerd in you to brandish its knowledge. Since Joe Root and Steven Smith gear up for the epic battle, Now, here is your chance to prove you know what Ashes is all about.

We are sure that you are very curious to know the questions for Bing Ashes quiz, well in this article, we are going to share some questions for Bing Ashes quiz. Just see and read the text below.


1) Three bowlers have taken hat-tricks in post-war Ashes Tests. Shane Warne is one. Who are the other two?

a. Darren Gough and Mitchell Johnson
b. Glenn McGrath and Steve Harmison
c. Darren Gough and Peter Siddle
d. Devon Malcolm and Brett Lee

2) In the Old Trafford Test of 1956, Jim Laker took 19 for 90. The only other wicket was picked up by Tony Lock in the first innings. Who did Lock dismiss?

a. Colin McDonald
b. Neil Harvey
c. Jim Burke
d. Keith Miller

3) The book Sherlock Holmes at the 1902 Fifth Test, mentions an England player going missing from the hotel during the Test. This player was one of two involved in the perhaps apocryphal utterance ‘We’ll get ’em in singles’ during a match-winning last-wicket stand. Identify the player.

a. Sydney Barnes
b. Tip Foster
c. Wilfred Rhodes
d. George Hirst

4). In the 1979 series, Australia and England were led by Greg Chappell and Mike Brearley respectively. However, the series was not played for the Ashes. Why?

a. The Australian team had players missing because they had defected to World Series Cricket (WSC)
b. England had a weakened team because of WSC
c. There were fewer than five Tests in the series and England felt this did not constitute an Ashes contest
d. WSC had taken over all the major grounds and the smaller grounds could not be used for Ashes matches

5) In the first ever Test match, this player represented Australia. He had earlier played first-class cricket in England before moving to Australia. His claim to fame, however, is that he is the first India-born cricketer to play Test cricket. Identify him.

a. Charles Bannerman
b. Alfred Shaw
c. James Lillywhite
d. Bransby Cooper

Well, the text above are some questions for Bing Ashes Quiz. What do you think about those questions? Do you think that you are able to answer the questions correctly. Are you sure that you are going to get the high score? To get know it, let us try to join with the Bing Ashes Quiz. After you get the score, so you are able to share your score on your social media such as Facebook or Twitter.

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