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As we know that Bing provides tons of varied quizzes that allow the users to play it. Indeed, Bing quiz has many categories such as culture, art, science, history, geography, love, and many more. Besides, Bing also presents the quiz based on what the trending today. So, users can take the quiz based on what they interest.

In this chance, we will share some samples of Bing quiz that relates to the Art. If we talk about art, certainly our brain will focus on something gorgeous made by creative human. As Wikipedia explains, Art is a diverse range of human activities of creating visual, expressing the author’s imaginative, technical skill, auditory of performing artifacts (artworks) and also conceptual ideas. Besides, art can express a human emotional and the beauty. The three main classical branches of art are sculpture, architecture, and painting.

As we have described above about art, actually we can value that art can be mentioned as the important element in our life. So, no wonder if the art subject always appears on some quiz. So as on Bing quiz, it provides art quiz that every user can take it if they want. However, Bing quiz will increase your knowledge about art by using fun way at all.

Then, for you have a passion on art, you do not hesitate to take the Bing art quiz soon. Well, in this article, you will know the samples of Bing art quiz that we will present in the text below!

1. Which architect founded the Bauhaus school of design?

a. Frank Gehry
b. Walter Gropius.
c. I.M. Pei
d. Frank Lloyd Wright

2. Who designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial?

a. Henri Matisse
b. Frank Lloyd Wright
c. Maya Lin
d. Frank Gehry

3. Which one of these is not a well-known Indian sculptor?

a. Kumaradeva
b. Henry Moore
c. Ramkinkar Baij
d. Krishna Reddy

4. What animal often symbolizes peace in art?

a. Duck
b. Dove
c. Dog
d. Deer

5. What was the subject of the earliest known paintings?

a. Flowers
b. Sports
c. Landscapes
d. Animal

6. Which of these is a paint made from pigments and plastic?

a. Acrylic
b. Tempera
c. Acetone
d. Gesso

7. Early photographers made their images on which of these materials?

a. Paper
b. Glass
c. Stone
d. Plastic

8. To which artistic movement does Paul Gauguin’s The Yellow Christ belong?

a. Fauvism
b. cloisonnism
c. Impressionism
d. Bauhaus

9. What does the Venus of Brassempouy represent?

a. A woman’s head
b. A human Figure
c. An old man
d. An Angel

10. What did I.M. Pei design outside the Louvre, in Paris?

a. Obelisk
b. Ziggurat
c. Sarcophagus
d. Pyramid

Those are samples of Bing art quiz that you can take to increase your knowledge about art. You can find them on or you can search Bing art quiz on the address bar. But, sometimes, the Bing Art quiz will show automatically on the homepage of Bing. So, you can take the quiz easily. If you are interested in taking the Bing art quiz, visit it right now, dude.

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