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If you like sport and you like watching AFL, taking Bing AFL quiz is a good choice for you to spend your spare time. By taking this quiz, you are able to test your knowledge about AFL so that you are able to know how far you have known AFL.

AFL is Australian Football League and it is the pre-eminent professional competition of Australia rules football. AFL also serves as the governing body of sport through the AFL Commission and it is responsible for controlling the laws of the game. Currently, the league has 18 teams spread over five of Australia’s six states so Tasmania is the exception. Matches of this league has been played in all states and mainland territories of Australia and also in New Zealand and China. It done to promote the sport abroad.

When it was founded, the name was the Victorian Football League and it was a breakaway from the previous Victorian Football Association with its inaugural season commencing in 1897. Then, the name of the competition changed to the Australian Football League for the 1990 season after it expanded to other states in the 1980s.

If you want to take a quiz about AFL, one of the site that you are able to use is Bing that you are able to access at There, you are able to find quiz about AFL and even other leagues. There, you can click on Weekly Sport Quiz and then you will be brought to a page where you are able to choose sites which offer sport quiz such as AFL. For example, you visit and then you find a question which ask you whether you can mention the Australian Football League Premiers. Then, you are able to click on Play Quiz if you want to answer the question. You have to note that in that site, you are given time to answer the question. The duration is various depending on the question. It can be 3 minutes, 8 minutes and more.

Other examples of questions are:

  • Which side has played most preliminary finals?
  •  Who kicked eight goals in the Demons’ 2000 preliminary final win against North Melbourne?
  • There is a picture and then you have to mention who the player is.
  • Who was the captain of Richmond in 2005?
  • Who was the Port Adelaide’s Premiership winning captain in 2004?
  •  Who captained Collingwood between the years 1994 – 1998?
  • Which Adelaide player was lately named as co-captain alongside Taylor Walker?
  • Who captained St Kilda to their only premiership in 1966?
  • For how many years did Shane Crawford Captain Hawthorn?

So, if you want to answer all of the questions correctly, you need to follow all of information about AFL. You can read news often about AFL and watch the matches. Besides, it is important for you not to read only the latest news but also the past news and the history of AFL. It can make you get great score for your quiz that you take.

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