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Bing offers several quizzes for visitor to know how much they can really know about the news. The quiz is the newest feature which is launch by Bing on last year. Bing makes the new experiences with offers a quiz in that homepage. So, nowadays when you visit Bing, at Bing homepage, you will find the quiz. The quizzes which are offer by Bing are the daily quiz, Bing weekly quiz, Bing trends quiz and many others. Bing also will plan to offer Bing 2019 year in review quiz. That quiz contains ten questions which have four options. It can make you easier to answer correctly. Therefore if you are an addict quiz do not let miss it.

We will remind you about 2016 year in review quiz. We find ten questions which give four options to you. The questions: There were a lot of really big movies this year, whether you were looking for family time or foulmouthed superheroes. What flick raked in the biggest domestic gross? What cell phone maker took a big hit when its phones showed a disturbing penchant for bursting into flame? What communications giant made a move to buy Time/Warner, guaranteeing that you’ll now have at least 1,000 channels to choose from before you settle on more “Law & Order” reruns on USA? In case you missed it, there was an election in 2016. Donald Trump won, Hillary Clinton didn’t, and which candidate who made the national slate finished dead last? A massive security breach at what internet giant jeopardized its acquisition by Verizon? The US Olympic Team dominated at the Summer Games in Rio, bringing home a whopping 121 medals.

Bing 2017 year in review quiz

One of the darlings of the games was Simone Biles. In which sport did she NOT win a gold medal? Science geeks worldwide got all wiggly when the detection of what sort of waves proved that black holes collide and supernovas go boom out in the wider universe? Brexit was everywhere in the news, but can you remember which country was leaving the European Union, causing the turmoil? President Bashar al-Assad’s forces, backed by Russian muscle, pressed the offensive against rebels in what country? Super Bowl 50 happened, with the cocky Carolina Panthers getting their claws pulled by aging half-man/half-machine Peyton Manning and the Broncos defense, which had Cam Newton considering early retirement. What band was (inexplicably) picked for the halftime show?

By the way do you play 2016 year in review quiz? How do you can answer correctly? We think if you are the good hunter and always visit Bing every day, so you can answer correctly and get high score. That is great. Of course if you get a high score, you share it on your social media. But if on 2016 year in review quiz you cannot answer correctly and you just get a low score, you can try play Bing 2019 year in review quiz. Prepare yourself to join with that quiz. Visit Bing every day. Do not forget to join other quiz in Bing.

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