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Are you a TikTok maniac ? If so, you may be familiar with one popular content named Bentellect. Yeah… He was named as one of the highest-paid TikTok creators. Aside from TikTok, he’s currently posting his TikTok content and Twitter contents on his YouTube channel named Bentellect.

Bentellect or also known as Ben, has risen to fame by posting reaction videos though his TikTok account. He became popular in a short amount of time on TikTok and also YouTube where he has gathered more than 8 billion followers.

Given he’s known as one of the highest-paid creators on TikTok, you may wonder how much he earns money on TikTok and YouTube, with dozens of funny videos that he has posted. Thankfully, this post will show you Ben’s net worth, his career and also his life in our post below!

Bentellect Net Worth

Bentellect’s Net Worth

According to, Bentellect’s net worth is estimated at $500,000. He earned his wealth through TikTok’s Creator Fund, YouTube Channel and some brand endorsement deals with Electric Styles and Manscape. revealed that Ben reportedly earned an estimated $9 million a year. This amount of income is estimated from his YouTube channel earnings which gets around 5.04 million views on average every day.

In fact, monetized YouTube channels earn income by playing video ads for every thousand video views. Moreover, a YouTube channel probably earns between $3 to $7 per one thousand video views. With the use of this reference, we likely estimate that Ben’s YouTube channel will earn around $604.97 thousand a month which reaches $9.07 million a year.

However, we cannot share the accurate and real net worth of Bentellect, as his wealth could be low or even higher than our estimations.

Bentellect’s Career

For the last four years, Ben had been working as an Insurance agent for Geico. However, he really loved his job, as he could be involved in talking with people. In December 2020, Ben decided to quit his job, due to working as much as 80 hours per week and not even getting enough sleep.

Ben finally left a financially secure job, as he seems to find his own way of getting popularity on social media. He has been active on Twitter and Instagram before, but he has not yet learned how to use his social media to earn money.

Initially, Ben looked at what the apps were about and only consumed the content. He then began to notice that TikTok was an easier social media platform to go viral. So, he headed with the target of creating viral content on TikTok.

He started creating different contents on TikTok which are related to viral videos of others, however his contents did not go up. He then experimented with creating reaction videos to tweets by people, as he’s a very active Twitter user before Instagram is not a mainstream social media platform yet. He revealed that he used to tweet around 10 times a day around 2014.

On TikTok, his idea of compiling funny content, ridiculous tweets and reacting to them began to go viral. From here, he eventually thought about how he created more content on TikTok about reactions to people’s tweets. Finally, he could create more viral videos. Certainly, this is when he began to get a huge following on Twitter.

Now, Ben has a lot of tweets which he pays $10 every month for 2 terabytes for tweets alone. That’s pretty confident, as he has the highest number of tweets of anyone in the world. On TikTok, he has over  6.4 million followers with 235 milion favorites.

On Instagram, Ben has  a huge number of followers, more than 461K while on YouTube, he has over 277K subscribers.

Bentellect’s Life

Bentellect comes from the United States who is now at the age of 32. He was born on May 31, 1989. Ben is known as TikTok content creator and YouTubes who shares dancing videos, comedy video clips and performs lip-syncs on the TikTok account. Ben also shares his modeling photos and fashionable outfits over his Instagram.

Ben gained popularity through his TikTok account in which he posts lip-sync videos, dance content and got huge followers on his TikTok account. He is also known for his handsome face, cute smile and also amazing personality.

Ben posted his first photo on November 17, 2018 on his Instagram account. After working with Instagram, he then launched his YouTube channel. On his channel, he began posting numerous reels, prank videos and also compilation videos. On some videos, you will find him when collaborating with other influencers.

Ben worked as a professional model where he always keeps posting his gorgeous images on Instagram. On his social media, Ben is very popular for his stylish looks and shirtless pictures. He has endorsement with a number of brands, earning him fame to be rich.

Talking about his personal life, Ben has not married or engaged. He also has a hobby of skateboarding a lot and used to edit videos for rappers.  Ben is also a big foodie and always visits numerous restaurants before pandemic. Unfortunately, he could not go out to eat outside in different restaurants or cafes, as the worst part of the pandemic of Covid-19.

Here’s a list of video titles that you can watch on Bentellect YouTube Channel, which are categorized as most popular videos on his channel:

  • When you try to race the fridge water #Shorts (97 million views)
  • Things Kids Do Pt. 1 #Shorts (54 million views)
  • Different Ways People Jump on the Bed #Shorts (37 million views)
  • Things You Just Realized #Shorts (20 million views)
  • If cereal was King Size *Crazy* #Shorts (11 million views)
  • What i Eat in a Day *Embarassing* #Shorts (8.5 million views)
  • The Weirdest Fashion Items #Shorts (7.3 million views)
  • Reading Dad Jokes #Shorts (6.6 million views)
  • Which Type of Person are You? #Shorts (6 million views)
  • Images You Won’t Believe Are Real #Shorts (6.1 million views)
  • I Remember #Shorts (5.7 million views)
  • Fun Jobs That Pay Well #Shorts (5.6 views)

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