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Arizona Western College is one of the best in the field. As one of the best, it provides the high quality services for every student of it, including AWC WebAdvisor. Webadvisor AWC gives the online access to register for classes, view the unofficial transcripts, request official transcripts, view the financial aid information, and pay for classes.

The new thing is that Arizona Western College is gradually replacing AWC WebAdvisor tool with a thing called Self Service. What is Self Service? Self Service is known as the new platform from Ellucian (Colleague). This system encompasses some modules that allow every student to make a plan and register for classes (Student Planning), view the financial aid (Financial Aid), pay the tuition (Student Finance), track the midterm or final grades (Grades), apply for graduation (Graduation Overview), and download some types of tax form (Tax Information).

With student planning, you are able to plan the coursework for the future semesters. The only thing you can do is to add classes to the plan and when the registration date approaches, you just have to hit the “Register” button. As for paying the tuition, apparently, you will need to pay for them or set up the payment plan if you do not qualify for the financial aid or the financial aid has not yet been awarded. For your information, the payment plans only need 10% down payment.

Aside from those things mentioned before, this system also display the important notifications to the students if Arizona Western College, including holds on the account. Actually, those tools were only available through AWC WebAdvisor. Fortunately, all of them have been or will be directed to Self Service. In this case, ell the students of Arizona Western College should be encouraged to start using Self Service since AWC WebAdvisor will be phased out eventually.

As stated in the previous paragraph, Self Service of AWC provides some things such as student planning, student finance, tax information, graduation, and grades. The student planning include search for classes, create the schedule, add or drop the wait listed class directly from the schedule, academic advising assistance, and registration. Fees that related to your school can easily be paid through student finance. For those who want to know about the tax, then you can look on tax information to get the tax documents. The grades also can be checks through this system. Apparently, you can view your grades by term. Another thing you can do using this system is applying for graduation.

If you need help or want to request the new support topic, you can contact the Help Desk at (928) 317-5892 (75892). Another alternative is to send an email to If you want something different, then you might want to fill out the webform that can you find in the official website of Arizona Western Collage. Do not be hesitated to ask for a help as the customer support will always be there for you and always be glad to help.

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