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Ari Stiegler is known as the Managing Partner of an early stage venture capital fund based in Los Angeles, California, United States called Flux Capital. Not only that, he is also the co-founder of a total of three startups, including TutorMe, LVL, and PhoneTag. Even though he is quite successful as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, there is no information about his net worth. These followings will feature the information about Flux Capital, TutorMe, LVL, and PhoneTag instead.

Flux Capital

Flux Capital is the name of a venture capital fund that focuses on technology startups. It is different with family offices and high net worth individuals that usually lack access to private investment opportunities and focus more on available public market investments. The main goal of Flux Capital is to manage venture investments for family offices and high net worth individuals. The attempts include leveraging unique private market investment opportunities within the target sectors.

Ari Stiegler Net Worth

There are a total of four core industries that have been the focus of Flux Capital. The company has long term sector confidence and asymmetric informational advantage. It is able to reach the level of access to investment opportunities across these sectors that is hard to be reached by the others. The efforts of the company include forming strategic partnerships with the other VC and angel investors.


TutorMe is currently named as the leading online tutoring platform. Hundreds of thousands of students nationwide use this thing. In 2009, it was acquired by Zovio. These followings will explain more about it so please keep reading.

The idea of TutorMe started in 2013 when Ari Stiegler was about to face his Statistics final. It was a night before that. He knew that he had a few serious things to do but that time the clock showed 3 AM. Around that time, no one of the tutoring center on campus opened. The situation became worst when he failed to reach out his professor or TA at that hour. On top of that, most of his friends in the class were sleeping tight.

Ari Stiegler thought that it would be nice if he could get a high quality tutor that he could easily work with online, even at 3AM. It would be better to be like that instead of bothering his friends and seeking help. actually, there were a few online tutoring sites at the time, but it was not easy to schedule a lesson. Apart from that, there was no video or screen sharing communication and all the tutors that were available at that time have low quality and all of them were non-native English speakers. It was crazy time and he was shocked knowing the fact that there was no decent online tutoring solution, that’s why he made one for himself.

TutorMe has everything that he was looking for on an online tutor program. It does not only provide the service to the students but also to the institutions. The company has a Director of Partnership named Alex Convery. He has started these successful institutional campaigns and they are currently working with tons of universities across the country, including the one where Ari Stiegler graduated, University of Southern California.

TutorMe has proven to be beneficial, especially for the students. It has increased the student retention and course completion rates at the partner schools. It is rare for the platform with the function like TutorMe. The intention of the company is always clear. They never have an idea to get rid of the traditional tutoring centers at universities, they are there ready and available when these traditional tutoring centers are not open. Right now, they are in the stage of testing out the new approach with the online universities where they embed the platform within the real course curriculum. In addition, they are planning to spread their wing to the other parts of the world by teaming up with some international partners. Everyone in the team believes that TutorMe is the best thing and they want the other people to experience it. everyone knows that the online education space is evolving really fast and they are ready to be the leader in leading the students to be the best.


LVL refers to a neo bank hybrid that provides FDIC insured bank accounts and cryptocurrency trading platform.


PhoneTag is the kind of thing that was launched by venture capitalist and entrepreneur named Ari Stiegler and his friend Noah Friedman. It is described as an innovative new technology hardware product. With it, every user is allowed to share the contact information and the other data with one another.

The thing called PhoneTag is made to be placed on the reverse side of Android, iPhone, and the other mobile devices. There is an NFC chip in it that makes it possible for the users to share a lot of information, including the phone numbers, the LinkedIn accounts, the email addresses, and the website URLs. All that should be done is to simply tapping the device against another phone of an individual.

PhoneTag is such a great and innovative product. This one is made for both social and professional situations. According to Ari Stiegler, it is the easier way of exchanging the contact information properties and a lot of people can take the advantage of it. He said that he is aware that the phones have everything that is important to our life, including the contact information, the photos, the videos, and so on. Everything is store in the phone. the intention of PhoneTag is to make every information to be shared easily in social situations. It is really beneficial for the users so that they can reduce the time of writing down numbers or searching social media accounts and have more time to interact and building connections instead. PhoneTag is available on iPhone, Android, and some other mobile devices. For the older model devices that do not support NFC technology, you have nothing to worry as there is QR code functionality.

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