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Are you a new student of Australian Catholic University and then you are confused about its Student Portal? If the answer is yes, it means that you need some information about ACU Student Portal. You need to know about this because during you become a student of ACU, you will often to access it to see your grades, check schedules, check tuition, register for class and many more.

If you want to access Student Portal, you have to access the official website of Australian Catholic University. To access that, you can type in the address bar of your browser. In the website of ACU, you are able to access anything about ACU such as locations, Study, Tuition and many more. If you want to access your Student Portal, you have to log in. If you want log in, you have to click on Current Student that you are able to see in the upper right of the screen next to Staff. When logging in, you need to enter your User ID and password. Then, press the red Login button.

Sometimes, there is a moment we forget our password. If it happens to you, you are able to click on “Forgotten your password?” link that is available under Log In button. Then, there will be three options including Enroll/ Re Enroll/ Change questions, Forgot my password, and Change password. Since you forget your password, so you can choose “Forgot my password”. Then, there will be a pop up window and you will be required to enter your username. If you are student, the username is your student ID number. But, if you are a staff, the username is the first two letters of first name followed by surname. Then, click on Next.

In the top of the ACU homepage, there are some menu and one of them is Student Life. You are able to click on that to access anything related to Student Life. When you click on that, there will appear sub menu of it including Student Stories; Campus Facilities; Student Safety; Library; Student Accommodation; Student Services; Gain Work Experience; Graduation; Club, Activities and Student Associations; and Sports and Fitness. In the Student Service, there is Academic Skills Development.

In Academic Skills Development, you are able to set your self up for success by developing your learning skills in a supportive, encouraging environment with Academic Skills Unit in Australian Catholic University. The team of academic skills development of ACU has a lot of experience helping students unlock their potential. There are a number of methods that you are able to take advantage of ACU expertise.

You are able to take part in a workshop, explore their online resources, ask an online question, drop in to their office or book an in-person consultation. Then, the team of ACU is able to help you with a number of different areas such as study skills, academic writing skills, academic referencing skills, maths and numeracy skills, and exam skills. Sometimes, the best people to get study advice from are students who have successfully done the unit. So, there is peer-assisted study sessions.

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