7 Wonders of the Modern World Quiz

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The 7 Wonders of the Modern World include the CN Tower of Toronto, the Empire State building of New York City, and the Panama Canal are some of the engineering wonders of the modern era. How much do you know about them? Take this quiz to measure your knowledge.

1. Who discovered the ancient city of Machu Pachu?

a. James Cook
b. Hiram Bingham
c. Francisco Pizzaro
d. Howard Carter

2. How many people have lived in Petra during the 1st century AD?

a. 30.000
b. 70.000
c. 50.000
d. 900

3. What is the nearest city the statue is located?

a. Mexico City
b. Bogota
c. Sao Paulo
d. Rio de Janeiro

4. How long is the underwater rail tunnel connecting the UK and France called Channel Tunnel?

a. 5 miles or 8 km
b. 18 miles or 28.9 km
c. 32 miles 51.5 km
d. 43 miles or 69.2 km

5. What was the original reason of the CN Tower was constructed?

a. In order to give the city the claim to fame
b. In order to give the helicopter the place to land
c. In order to generate tourism income
d. In order to improve the television reception

6. Which of these following natural phenomena may be witnessed atop the Empire State Building?

a. Will-o’the-wisp
b. Bioluminescene
c. St. Elmo’s fire
d. Aurora Borealis

7. One of the most popular buildings in the world is the skyscraper called the Empire State Building in New York City. This one rises above the midtown Manhattan in New York City. What is the name of the street it is on?

a. Fifth Avenue
b. Madison Avenue
c. Broadway
d. Avenue of the Americas

8. What is the name of the main geologic material that was drilled through in the construction of the Channel Tunnel?

a. Sandstone
b. Chalk
c. Clay
d. Granite

9. One of the world’s most recognizable landmarks is known as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, US. Which of these following statements about the bridge is not true?

a. The bridge was opened in 1937
b. It was the world’s longest suspension bridge when it was completed
c. Some workers were killed during the construction of the bridge
d. Every part of the bridge was manufactured in California

10. Which two nation signed the thing called the Hay-Pauncefote Treaty in 1901, which set the terms of the construction of the canal?

a. US and Panama
b. US and Great Britain
c. Panama and France
d. Panama and Great Britain

How many question do you think you can get the answer right? If your score is low, it means you need to read more about the 7 Wonders of the Moder World. There are a lot of sources that you can get both offline and online. If you have a chance, you can also visit those places in order to learn about them directly. Just take it if there is a chance comes to you

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